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  1. Not from what i know. They have played M+Ms tho which is widely known
  2. Chad from NFG uploaded a New video of Pathetic live at Warped Tour 97 he caught on tape. Its on his Insta, hes gonna upload some of his videos he captured at the time on it. Most likely from other Warped Tour bands, and some blink Link to The vid, i uploaded it on YT:
  3. Hell yeah, I've been collecting old Hurley shirts and i love the design on both of these. I'm hoping i can find one soon. If you find that black one send pics of it yo
  4. Hello, idk if this is allowed lmao but does anyone know where i can buy one of those 99-00 Hurley Konichiwa shirts or the other Style one as seen in the pics that Tom used to where alot. Or is anyone welling to sell one. I've been looking everywhere, I've came close to getting one once but then it got sold by the time i could pay for it lmao
  5. I found a media fire link but it doesnt work anymore 😕
  6. This might be stupid lmao. But i heard Tom had a Backup White Strat also. Does anyone have pics of it or is there a concert on youtube of him using it?
  7. How're they awful lmao
  8. Hey Guys, I've been looking around at Sum 41 footage from the All Killer era. But i've been wondering, does anyone have any early Footage from the Half Hour of Power tour? Like 1999 or 2000, I know there is some snippets like from the 2000 MTV Campus invasion or Home Videos, but does anyone own or have any where abouts of Early Live performance footage from then? I've been also Collecting kinda rare photos of the band also, like this one from the Half Hour Of Power Album release party at Zanzibar
  9. He used the middle/neck also i'm pretty sure for the Buddha tone also, like in this picture. I'm guessing he used to do it for more of a Less Buzz, Deeper sound
  10. I've been doing a bit of research, and i think that Tom used a Fender M-80 Chorus head live for this, it's the most similar looking i can find. It's really cool to me cause He used to use a Fender Princeton Chorus and a Fender M-80 Preamp in 93.
  11. In the Soma 94 footage that surfaced, Tom's playing his signature Sticker Strat, it's all stock without any modifications, with single coils and he's using the 4th position on the Pickup selector like he did with his Red Strat, he probably is using a different amp too. Just some stuff i found cool that i thought i would share lmao
  12. Yeah man, i'm skeptical too cause it's only one time and only in 2001. If it is true, then most likely it was a Fan request they played
  13. April 30th 2001 Honda Civic Tour https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/blink182/2001/paramount-theatre-seattle-wa-7bced2a8.html It's setlistFM so i'm skeptical. I've been trying to find a Bootleg of this concert for a while, and yeah the only time i heard it live was the intro of the song played in the live versions of Peggy Sue in 96
  14. Just throwing this question out there. Does anyone know if Blink played I'm Sorry live? I know on Setlist FM it says in 2001 they played it once, but have they ever played it before then at all? Sorry for the weird question, it's one of my favorites off of Dude Ranch.
  15. For all have not seen it, heres the Jackson Hole Wyoming performance (12-31-96) with some Dude Ranch songs played
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