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  1. I still remember being so shocked when they broke up after self titled, given the circumstances around that record, and how, by all three’s accounts, creatively in sync they were when making it. I mean at the time YouTube wasn’t even around yet, so not as many of us saw the onstage tension towards the end of the tour first hand. It felt so out of left field. It still even kinda feels that way now in retrospect. They had all the core ingredients for a band to expand and live even further. And yet, somehow, the pooch got screwed regardless. I just didn’t see the writing on the wall because, as Mark essentially says here, they had just put out their magnum opus a little over a year prior to them imploding. Even without the band’s input via interviews on the creative process, you could just hear how genuine it was. And how creatively cohesive the band sounded at the time. It just didn’t seem like the end was near at all. They were seemingly firing on all cylinders and then…poof…”fuck it, we’re done…” I can’t think of another band breakup that made my jaw drop in shock like that. The stun of that at the time was top notch. My then newly 15 year old body felt like it was hit by a freight train. I couldn’t believe it, and even all these years later, I still can’t believe it. I remember finding out through trl so vividly. I had long stopped watching trl by this point, but stumbled upon the broadcast completely on accident flipping through channels.
  2. I truly don’t mean to sound insensitive but I do wonder why he won’t say what cancer it is at this point. The whole world knows, and he’s gone as far as to going into vivid detail about his experience with chemo on twitch and such with relative comfort and ease. So why the continued secrecy as to what it is? Again, I know it sounds cunty on my part, and I really wish Mark nothing but the best. But why reveal all but the whole enchilada now? I can think of few reasons and none of them are good. Sadly I believe he’s in big trouble and it breaks my heart.
  3. Just heard. It’s really sad on multiple levels. As many here have already said, I grew up with blink, and even though I obviously have no actual connection with them, I feel like I’ve been friends with them for years. Even all the more sadder remembering when Mark was doing initial promotion for Simple Creatures, and him saying despite the success of California and the following tour, he was feeling really depressed and down. Then the next year the pandemic hit. And now, in the midst of all this chaos, he gets cancer. I only wish he kicks this things ass, and gets through this. His family too. Agh, so fucking awful. I don’t know what else to say. This just killed my weekend.
  4. So when is that whole Mark interviewing Tom thing supposed to happen?
  5. Even if she falls is the one song all my casual blink friends who stopped paying attention after 2004 loved. Literally every single one I played it for loved it. It should’ve been the first single. And yet, they didn’t even put it on the standard issue album. Idiots.
  6. Neighborhoods DED Cali deluxe Cali nine
  7. I thought folklore was her “self-titled” magnum opus. Loved it. But this should’ve been called “Everbore”. It seemed like overkill and most of the songs bored me to tears. They suffer from sameness and I can barely tell the difference from one track to the next. Seems like she milked the acclaim folklore got and let her ambitions get a little ahead of her. It felt like the Shenangians or b-side compilation to Folklore more than a “sister album”. Was pumped for this, but it disappointed me overall.
  8. Green Day are the better live band, and have the bigger legacy. But they lost their grip on the reign since American Idiot, even though neither band are making monumental work anymore. Since Blink’s ‘09 return, their work has outsold all of Green Day’s counterparts. All released around the same time, less than a year apart tops. Which is kinda pathetic for Green Day, as it has shown how far they’ve fallen considering two of those blink albums were sans a key Blink member. Neighborhoods sold more than any trilogy album individually, California outsold Revolution Radio, and Nine sold more than Father of All. While, yes, blink’s peak wasn’t quite as commercially impressive as Green Day’s, they’re the only ones in the genre that have come close. And they’re both respected enough currently to co-headline a tour together again, especially since blink is currently out selling Green Day. Why Green Day has a stick up their ass when it comes to blink now is anyone’s guess. Saying no to a similar tour they then said yes to a year later, and then not invite blink along (who along with FOB and GD are the biggest names in pop punk, so it would’ve made more sense than Weezer from a promotional stand point) seems pretty fucking deliberate 🤷🏻‍♂️
  9. Objectively though, the popularity of Cork Tree and IOH alone cemented their place in pop punk under only Green Day and Blink. If you’d take a survey of the biggest bands in the genre, you’d most likely get those three. Hence why it would make the most sense to have those three as the headliners. And why it’s shocking blink got shunned like village whores despite proposing a very similar tour two years ago I’m not a fan of FOB, and don’t quite “get” their appeal, but it’s one of those things where it just is what it is.
  10. Blink still has a bigger nostalgic factor within pop punk than Weezer ever did. And that seems to be the realm of this tour had Weezer not been invited. As much as I’m not a fan of California, it outsold even Revolution Radio (released the same year) going gold, and had a single that went gold, which is a pretty big deal for a band of a dead genre (in terms of current trends). in the last 15 years, the most relevant thing Weezer has done was a cover of a god awful song.
  11. VERY interesting about Mark’s comments on what could’ve been Pop Disaster 2. Because I remember getting major PD vibes from the “Hella Mega Tour” with Green Day, Fall Out Boy, and Weezer that was supposed to happen this year. I thought back when it was announced that it was almost down right odd that they (whoever “they” are, seems like Green Day are holding the reigns for this tour) didn’t pick blink instead of Weezer. To the point it felt pretty deliberate. I think most of us can agree that Blink, FOB, and Green Day are the most well known faces of the pop punk genre (to the general public at least), and it would’ve been a wet dream from a marketing stand point to have them all on one stadium tour. Say what you want about recent blink, fuckin Lord knows I’m not a fan, but Weezer has been pure trash the last 15 years. And more importantly, just seem like an out of place, odd duck choice to have instead of blink. Basically having 2 of the 3 biggest names in pop punk, and deliberately shunning the third, because...reasons? Is there some animosity from Green Day’s end? Seems FOB and blink’s camps get along just fine, so I don’t think it’s them. Maybe a scheduling issue? But what did blink really have going on during this time that could’ve prevented them from doing this tour? They had nothing on the books for a Nine tour this summer, and doing this tour only could’ve helped. And now hearing Mark say that Green Day rejected a proposal to a very similar tour they were more than willing to do now, and not inviting blink for the ride seems suspect IMO...
  12. I never liked Taylor much (personally at least). But this is her “untitled”. Well done Miss Swift.
  13. It’s kinda more complex than it seems on the surface imo. Green Day had more time together, put out more albums, and thus did well for themselves. But from where I stand, and from my experience, blink really did more to inspire bands sonically than I’ve ever seen Green Day do. Green Day was more of just a popular thing (twice admittedly) that happened, but blink inspired the sound of several bands (for better or worse) that followed. Sure, Green Day opened doors for blink to have a place in the market, but I’ve seldom see a lot of the popular bands that followed claim to have been musically inspired by Green Day like they claim they’ve been inspired by enema era blink. It’s weird though, because I think American Idiot was both the best and worst thing that ever happened to Green Day. At the time, it was huge, and got them out of a rough commercial slump for sure. But in retrospect I think it’s aged terribly for a whole lot of people. For example at bars with general crowds that have touch tunes, it’s usually your typical top 40 stuff that gets played. But every once in a while, someone will put on some nostalgic stuff containing both Green Day and Blink. When something like Basket Case, Good Riddance, and/or Holiday will pop on, nobody cares. Nobody moves. Nobody sings along. But then a few minutes later what’s my age again, damnit, I miss you, and/or All the small things pops up and that same crowd will eccentrically sing every fucking word in unison. It’s jarring. And it’s happened at several bars I’ve been to over the years. Sure that’s just my experience in just little ol Buffalo, NY, but it sure as shit wasn’t just a one off fluke. With American Idiot, it was the right thing at the right time, but it feels like a lot of what made it popular then makes it seem so contrived in hindsight today. Them adhering to the “cool kid” guy liner and studded belt look that was everywhere in ‘04. The Bush bashing that was on the rage in a crazy election year that made it widen it’s demographic at the time. But it kinda pigeon holed them into a certain outlook from the general public, and what was cool then just seems so lame now. A lot of it just feels a bit phony now. Make of that what you will, but I grew up to both of them at the peak of their popularity, and the people I grew up with seem to get a much more nostalgic jolt with blink than they ever do with Green Day. Even now, a blink concert is basically a high school reunion with literally every clique attending. Blink and Green Day both played near me in 2017 and literally everyone was at the blink show while no one I knew, literally not one person, was like “hey, who’s going to Green Day?” on Facebook. Again, make of that what you will.
  14. Erratic behavior indicative of substance abuse if you have experience with people that have that problem. Look at the various interviews he’s done since the album was announced last summer. It’s not too far off with how he was acting during the trilogy era.
  15. He’s clearly showing signs of being on drugs again.
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