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  1. so weirdly manufactured
  2. i do wonder how much say blink has in their UMG catalog now that they’re on a whole different label. how does that work for artists? i know blink had a fair amount of creative control to begin with but after they’ve left the label can they still sanction reissues and whatnot?
  3. wasting time. just no beating carousel. it is the alpha and the omega. the beginning and the end
  4. damn. now this is near impossible M+M's. i love it very, very dearly, specifically the bridge... classic blink! but wasting time offers a lot more, and we all know carousel will win this. so M+M's
  5. some of these votes i just don't understand. m+m's is blink becoming themselves. wasting time is classic mark. peggy sue's fine and all but surprised it got this far
  6. facts. i wonder how much it'd cost to get lord-alge to remix something like that. guess there's not a huge incentive since it's a 20+ year old record
  7. fantastic thread idea!! i’ve got quite a few i found randomly at a flea market and i’ve got a high res photo scanner. will report back with some photos
  8. 25th anniversary editions. they could start this year with CC, continue with DR in 2022... CC would be easy. just release doubletime demos and extra rarities like family next door, etc. i’m sure there’s stuff we haven’t heard from that era, considering the ‘98 issue of buddha had the girl next door cover and don’t, both of which were brand new but unreleased
  9. right? idk what happened. we never received a "deluxe" treatment of TOYPAJ, CC, and neighborhoods -- though all still were released in new editions cut by kevin gray. last i heard there was some sort of artwork issue holding up CC, and last time i messaged SRC they said it was still happening. it's all a small team and the quality is so great i don't mind waiting for sure (since there's great pressings of all three LPs already available)
  10. the SRC press is marvelous. after having had nothing but HT editions, buying that back in 2013 was a treat. it finally sounded as it should. packaging is unbelievable too. i'd really recommend grabbing one (not sure if they're still selling it, SRC's done a million variants of it lol)
  11. fantastic as always davey. your insight and memories are second to none. also, photo/scan restoration skills are underrated!
  12. how did he begin collaborating with the band? what is his all time favorite piece of merch? any fun memories?
  13. i was never impressed with the MTS versions. i sold em all a while back. SRC is the way to go for me. they’re phenomenal IMO
  14. Cali DLX is the absolute worst thing this band has ever released. at least for cali you can say it’s going for a throwback vibe and there’s a few worthwhile tunes. cali DLX is nothing more than a collection of castoffs. it’s woefully generic
  15. you’re missing nothing. i’ve got that exact press and you’re right — there was some sort of delay with the MTS version, and the hot topic ones were available first. it sounds like trash. good for nostalgia and very valuable now, yes, but it’s pretty bad the same goes for the orange translucent dude ranch that came out at hot topics not long after (jan. 2010?). the only HT exclusive that sounded worthwhile was box car and that was a surprise
  16. damn. i loved fentoozler. picking romeo and rebecca. a good attempt at writing something substantive but ultimately, it’s clumsy
  17. it could’ve been his cover of just what i needed by the cars, and perhaps they didn’t use it. he posed it last year when ric ocasek passed
  18. no joke i still find most of TMT&TS outrageously funny. less the blatantly vulgar stuff but the sillier, odd stuff tacked on at the end (“everyone say, *out of breath* WE HATE MARK! *confused audience murmuring”)
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