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  1. may not get much mileage out of this topic, but i thought i'd make one. what are some of your favorite blink tee designs? for me, i've never been a huge fan of almost ANY of their merchandise, especially since the reunion era and the focus on hot topic-forward stuff. the stuff from the '90s is too cartoony or ugly, and there was of course the recent spray-paint look during NINE 🤮 the reason i ask is that today i saw a girl at a store wearing a tour tee from TMTATS tour and i did not mind it. it's not a design i've seen in person before and it was enjoyable to see. definitely fits in well with the current retro rock tee craze. anyone know where i can find the original image of the band so i can recreate it, lest i spend $$$ online for it? or any chance it'll get remade for the 30th ann. merch?
  2. i don’t mean to be insensitive but i think he struggles with some mental illness. his symptoms remind me of bipolar disorder, specifically manic episodes of furiously using social media then disappearing for months (more of a thing of a few years ago, but he still does this). not that going off the grid is grounds for an armchair evaluation, but some descriptions of his behavior in the years since 2005 lead me to believe he loses the plot from time to time. not to mention the grandiose visions, egomania, unfinished projects, announcements
  3. love TOYPAJ, didn’t always feel that way. online songs, everytime, PTMH, roller coaster, shut up… it’s full of bangers.
  4. teenage satellites has always been one of my favorites and i just can’t explain it. it’s clearly one of the lesser tracks on cali — one that contributes to it being overlong. but i’ve always loved it
  5. this is about how i feel, though it’s hard to explain. the songs on california are overall stronger aside from those i singled out earlier, despite being ultra-formulaic and gimmicky on occasion. cynical stands tall as far and away the greatest hit of this era.
  6. an inconvenient truth is that six years on california has aged pretty gracefully. there’s an urgency and immediacy to some of the songs that keep it fresh. mark’s got some of his best vocal takes and bass parts. it remains overlong; you could probably cut no future, left alone, rabbit hole, and TOTTM and have a classic album left over. looking back, the vast fan reaction at the time is justifiable given what we’d hoped to expect with a skiba-182, but it hasn’t aged too roughly.
  7. i’m not okay MCR sweetness cute without the e misery business girls not grey here in your arms i write sins action & action never meant honestly cartel tired of sex weezer 24 hr drive thru your deep rest constant headache
  8. yeah that’s why apple shampoo is one of the most underrated songs. truly just autobiographical stuff put to paper. it’s very unusually structured
  9. i fuckin love both of these songs, and sweetness is truly the better song in every way, but i cannot quit MOWE. it was one of the first pop punk songs i ever heard, and it’s so stupidly simple and easy to sing along with, it’s no wonder it was a smash hit. apparently it’s the most-played rock song across radio from the 90s, or so the hype sticker claims. dumbass band though, their set at woodstock 99 is atrocious. as much as i love jimmy eat world, i’m going with lit.
  10. teenage dirtbag always creeped me out, though it’s quite the earworm. on the other hand, i’m a huge fan of punk rock girl. it’s bizarrely sweet, funny, fast, and melodic all in one. love the video too.
  11. fat lip always struck me as a very clunky, goofy song (especially the abortion lyric). i’m far more fond of in too deep. for that reason, the middle wins for me.
  12. hey, i get it. it's not a band most go to bat for. but i think stump's an extremely underrated musician and singer, and trohman's got some guitar chops most pop punk bands lack. there's some cool moments spread across their history, especially the wildly underrated folie a deux.
  13. have never understood the blinding FOB hate around the pop-punk/emo communities. bulk of their original discography is just fine, with TTTYG and FUTCT genuine genre classics. true, the music has gotten more or less worse with each successive release, especially since the reunion, but they've got a place on my pop-punk mount rushmore, right beside blink and green day.
  14. love title track, and the whole of TTMD. but basket case is far and away a top five contender and always will be
  15. my projections are still the same. we’re more or less following the same path i predicted: after two albums, we’re at a point where most fans are ready for a tom comeback and all the talk has suggested it’s not impossible. realistically i think it’s still the best bet: tom will be back in the next year or two, and they’ll go on a big greatest hits tour, maybe a co-headlining gig with sum 41 or FOB or something. they may or may not record music. blink will be inducted into the RRHOF before 2025.
  16. 2008-09 was when i truly became a fan of the band, and waiting for neighborhoods was truly one of the most dispiriting experiences. countless headlines with updates like “we’re working on it!” that just stunted the momentum and enthusiasm of the well-received reunion. could’ve been huge if they’d done like you said. FOB is a fair comparison in terms of crossover appeal and influence and the way they architected their return back in 2013 (for better or for worse) set the trajectory of the whole period for them.
  17. it's more and more likely, i imagine. things have been pointing in that direction for some time now. i thought it'd be at least a few more years before he came around and everyone agreed to it, but perhaps mark's condition accelerated that process.
  18. super agree, was shocked at how bad it was when it came out versus how they hyped it. it’s such a mishmash of undercooked songs
  19. offtopic but beatles blow me away every few years. the amount of stuff they accomplished in such a short time frame, with an unparalleled sense of melody and songwriting and such varied experimentation, innovative techniques, and more... it really holds up. i love all the albums, but revolver is hard to beat.
  20. probably the biggest is that they should probably just end the band. blink was one of the greatest acts to ever be deliberately commercial by intention… all they ever wanted to do was play sing-songy music, make money, and be globally successful. they had no qualms about authenticity. it’s a perspective a lot of artists could learn from in every medium. DED was a well meaning experiment that only illustrated how disconnected the three truly were. california has aged gracefully — though it’s not where i wanted the band to go, it stands on its own as a generic, gimmicky blockbuster comeback album. its still mad overlong though. cheshire cat is largely garbage, and DR was a huge step forward in quality. this is NOT controversial, but skiba should’ve quit the band in like 2017.
  21. never knew any of that happened, just though ry got disinterested since the board is a little dead anyway. i guess i do remember him feeling self conscious about the content we post here. whatever. he was a nice, hard workin guy. i think i started the twitter account and he took it over if i’m not mistaken, and he put in the work to grow its following. wonder what he’s up to nowadays.
  22. https://www.instagram.com/p/CZ4xcOoPjcZ/
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