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  1. jealous! wanted to go to this but the prices were insane. had no idea they were doing the concert week promo with that too. enjoy it!!
  2. a lot of folks still suggesting it’s josh freese given that he recently stepped back from the offspring
  3. that new song absolutely slaps.
  4. i’m not the biggest fan of violence by any means — it’s never stood out to me and it was woefully overplayed during the last reunion era. i can’t deny though that the crowd seemed into it in that clip though.
  5. not sure if anyone has seen, but new.wav — he did some cool blink covers in the past — is in the midst of re recording dude ranch with the sound of EOTS. it’s super duper cool.
  6. lol theyve done this forever. just funny, not much to it. it's like a parody of how bands pander to cities they're in. except every city pales in comparison to the one you're in.
  7. as a person who loves dark mode, thank you!
  8. i do really dislike that approach, it was the worst when california came out. i prefer to listen to it as one piece when it comes out. but whatever! just the way it is now.
  9. tom apparently told a chicago fan the album is set for fall (which we knew) but we’ll receive monthly pre release singles beginning next month.
  10. turnstile slaps. great band having a moment, cool to watch blink bring a band like them on. they remind me of a a modern RATM.
  11. i think i’ll go see them w the offspring this summer to pay my respects
  12. yeah i don’t really see the problem with it. LOVE was more egregious cause it was already a rough subject for blink fans, and it almost flaunted that his attention was constantly elsewhere. but even back in 1999, they were advertising their brands like loserkids and macbeth etc on tour.
  13. could be me — i’m in atlanta, one of the last stops!
  14. is this the best tour they’ve ever been on? seriously.
  15. still buzzing watching videos of this this morning. since i became a fan of this band, later than most (2008-09), i've had to contend with a band in dysfunction. it was clear nothing was ever right, delays on albums, missed opportunities, sloppy live playing, lineup changes, songwriting farm-addled comeback albums, and more. it was clear most of that was due to tom, unfortunately, but we're in an entirely new era now: tom is back, and better than he has ever been. THIS is the band i know and love, and what they've always been capable of. they sound completely tight in a way they never have. tom sounds committed, is singing properly, adding in cool riffs and playing with the songs a bit. mark's voice sounds stronger than it has in a decade, and it's clear this tour means a lot to him deep down. travis is an animal, as always, and in lieu of a drum solo, we've received a cool extended bridge for GOTDF! not to mention the setlist! i really do love this setlist a lot. i'm not a fan that has ever expected them to play marlboro man, or even wendy clear, i just want them to play the hits and add a couple of fun ones in. this is that set: dysentery gary, aliens exist, GOTDF, cynical, BTD, both down and always (often skipped for one or the other), reckless abandon, dumpweed, and more. hearing tom sing the matt songs is, as i said, mind-boggling... it's not something i ever expected would or could happen, and it feels right. it really celebrates the band's history in full, including the matt era, and it's unreal to see. in the past, the backing tracks were almost a comical symbol of what they could be sounding like (think the matt alter ego show, or the untitled 2013 shows). now they aid and add to the sound in a full way they always should. i really think the band switching to digital amps is a huge step up, it keeps the sound more consistent and is easier for them to manage. the stage design is an acquired taste, i guess, but if that's the only thing to complain about, so be it! if anything it pushes the guys closer together in a smaller space than giving them room to stay in their bubbles. anyway! i love this band i can't wait for more. "the best timeline" is passe to say i feel like, but it feels like we're in it.
  16. great! completely crazy to hear tom singing these songs. such a treat and i love the stuff he was doing on guitar in the BTD outro. and hearing him say “i am” on cynical was heartwarming
  17. excited for you! i’m hyped for the show, i’m sure you are too. can’t wait for some videos to surface.
  18. well what i’m saying is that while he was famous — he was on a major network, the cover of rolling stone in like ‘96, etc — his later time slot afforded his bookers the ability to secure newer, greener acts like blink. not that blink weren’t already stars themselves as climbed climbed the charts. it put them in pretty rarified territory already, if not one hit wonders until EOTS (not unlike an eve 6, i guess, at the time). dude ranch still went gold and then platinum cause of dammit.
  19. that was the bands first late night appearance domestically, though conan wasn’t quite “mainstream” in some senses… they would book big stars then, but they had on just as many B and C stars and up and coming acts (that and conan in particular tended toward fringe comedy). they played leno (then the no 1 late night show) in 1999 after EOTS came out. i’m a bit of a late night geek lol. blink played all the major network late night shows prior to breaking up aside from the late late show (which i think they guested on, solo, at least tom did). after they reunited they played conan, and colbert and kimmel in 2016-18. they’ve never played fallon, which i found odd considering he seemed like a fan in some of the backstage clips from the early 00s.
  20. did they? i’ve been trying to think of an analog and van halen came to mind — was huge after roth left with big hits, but i’m not sure roth even played those songs when he got back together with the band. this is almost unprecedented in popular music.
  21. that’s almost unbelievable. i’m not sure there’s ever been a major rock band where a member has left, been replaced, and then comes back and takes part in the songs they were replaced with. you almost wouldn’t blame tom for not having interest; it’s an ego thing. the fact that he is singing the songs he didn’t write suggests the hatchet between the three has been buried deeper, perhaps “more than we’ll ever know” (lol) as a fan i think it’s truly wonderful they aren’t skipping over the matt era entirely and celebrating it too. tom sounds great in those clips, super kudos to the person who recorded them. i can’t wait to see what they sound like tonight playing it. in cynical’s case especially, it almost sounds like tom was meant to be there. it’s mind boggling as a fan. as others have said, this is the all time best scenario for blink to be in. tom is committed, they sound great, and new music is on the way.
  22. this is a great idea, and i could see it happening!
  23. right. when i went through san diego i drove by both and thought it was neat. didn’t stay too long though cause i’d hate to irritate the residents of course. instead, i furiously masturbated to the photos later, of course.
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