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  1. no idea what you're going on about mate
  2. i wrote MGK off when he outed himself as a nonce. still waiting to see an artist from this whole "pop punk revival" who isn't a total douchebag and can actually write good music.
  3. don't really care to be honest. just came here to share what i thought was a cool moment 👍🏻
  4. i literally have no idea what your comments mean but ok
  5. didn't know if i should post this here or in the TD thread but tom dedicated rite of spring to mark last night. really nice to see
  6. now this is just salt in the wound. thanks davey 😭
  7. feel like sharing how bummed i am that i just saw a red eyes cheshire cat vinyl very recently sold for $40. the only ones on ebay are currently at like $500 and $850 and neither are in as good condition as this one was. really, truly missed out there. i could cry. anyone else ever felt disappointment like this over a blink item? 🥲
  8. there have literally been thousands of strangers discussing mark's situation for months now. and some have been particularly obnoxious about it, saying and asking him things that are obviously a little too much or too personal. i'm sure he's okay with tom, someone he has actually known for three decades, talking about it as positively as he can..? but i guess that's just my view.
  9. i don't think tom would stoop as low as using mark's cancer to promote the album. he repeats a lot of the things he says in every interview these days. he probably also knows that everyone is always happy to hear when mark is doing well or whether the two of them have talked recently. i don't know. just trying to give him the benefit of the doubt
  10. not new, i just don't really post. it's weird here
  11. it would be cool if we used the blink-182 general discussion topic as a place to.. i don't know... talk about blink?? it's jarring to come here for updates and have to sift through pages and pages of random bullshit and arguments.. lol
  12. i think davey was talking about twitch specifically because people bring up the same things over and over, and spam Mark with questions trying to get an answer from him. definitely not criticizing anyone here on the boards. what you guys are doing is really great and appreciated.
  13. i was downvoted a lot on reddit when i politely asked people to delete the initial screenshots going around as he had clearly posted that story by accident. i guess it wouldn't have made much of a difference in the end because ~internet~ but yeah. this really really sucks. i wouldn't hold it against him if he decided not to stream much anymore because people will not stop talking about it, regardless of how clear he makes his feelings.
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