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New Taylor Swift Song Today?


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haha, I haven't been a huge fan of her last two albums (still like them, but she's capable of better)

Saw her on the Reputation tour and it was straight up amazing though, hard to argue against that album after seeing the live show

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I don't have many hot takes on her besides Red seems to be her peak.

I do think her last album was a disappointment in terms of sales/relevancy/branding/fans, but still made a killing none the less. Which is maybe why she needs to put something else out, as she's not getting any younger? She might wanna move on with her life, etc. Her last two albums were middling (hype be damned, 1989 is uneven at best). So I guess she can't exactly rest on that. Katy Perry had a worse album cycle and probably isn't coming back like she used to. Strike while you can?

I think I'm more interested in her as a pop star than her actual music. So I'm interested to see how this goes.

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