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  1. I need to finish the last book. It got so awful and drawn out I couldn't handle it. I did plow through all of them back to back to back and it burnt me out. There's only so many chapters dedicated to nobody's that I can take.
  2. At what point do you think they had their final ending locked in?
  3. I feel like everyone is trying to dodge the theory vids on YouTube so they gotta come up with their unpredictable ending. I don't think we will ever get a good ending to a major franchise again.
  4. Yeah but delivered with 1/84th the passion and greatness of that scene
  5. I dunno how to feel right now. Overall I liked it but my mind is rejecting it's over. Bran though.......................... I wanted more explanation on his weirdness. I wanted him to be night king incarnate. I wanted him to do something. this is my biggest feel of unsatisfaction. The sendoffs were good though. Glad jon wound up with the free folk.
  6. I'll tell you the worst moment in the show. It was the Ed Sheeran cameo. The worst.
  7. The best comment I saw on reddit: "You should have gone for the head." - the mountain to the hound
  8. It was amazing. There was great action, an awesome sense of betrayal and heartache. A sense of helplessness. The gore was wonderful. I liked how even the "good" soldiers got caught up in the blood lust and went crazy.
  9. All things considered I'm alright with everything that's happened this far.
  10. Damn that was a nuts episode
  11. Same except mine was on computer. One day my dad uninstalled it for more space and a piece of me died with that master data. My problem is I loved final fantasies 6 thru 10 but I cant replay them. I get burnt out way too fast. I read articles monthly for 6 years waiting for KH3. I got 6 hours in and haven't turned it on since. I dunno what's wrong
  12. At my blink show 2 years ago I spent more time watching this guy air drumming in his seat for 2 hours instead of the show. Get rid of the seats. If you want to sit, go to the stands.
  14. Alan Rickman


    Shit, lol just realized they played another game. Well fuck.
  15. Alan Rickman


    The warriors will get it done. They have to. After seeing that bitch cunt bragging about putting eye drops in after draining that 3 and then later complaining about how he couldn't see, I want to see him prison raped.
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