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  1. Weird. Ironically the only part of the 2nd movie I watched happened to be that scene.
  2. I watched part of the 2nd but Johnny Rico is back for 3 so I should give it a watch.
  3. I just finished with teary eyes. This would be a good way to call it quits. But I'm curious to see where it goes.
  4. Oliver the lion does not concern himself with the opinions of the sheep.
  5. God you people are such bitches.
  6. Lol I've laughed about that same thing for years now.
  7. Hills Have Eyes is also another look into the upstanding people of New Mexico.
  8. Have you seen Creed 2 yet? As a lover or all things Rocky it was great. Plus the part where he goes and trains in the desert was filmed down the road (50 miles down the road) from me.
  9. I want to watch glass but I know that goddamn M Night Shymalan will fuck me over.
  10. My List: The Departed Braveheart Tombstone Con Air Almost Heroes Starship Troopers Revenge of the Sith The Rock Young Guns II Dirty Work
  11. Starship Troopers was a sweet movie. I loved everything about it and I was big into starcraft at the time so its forever etched into my heart. The greatest day of my life was getting on a plane and walking past Gary Busey in first class. Then passing through the coach section and seeing Jake Busey (Ace) seated. I wish I had had something witty to say to him. Oh well.
  12. Attacks you with hugs and kisses and penises I mean.
  13. Hey man good shit. Glad you threw it down. You should try just a recorded video with decent sound now that you've proven you could bust out the show. The nerve of the 3 dislikes on the video though. I hope Antifa attacks you in error and your beat red crying face goes viral with milkshake on it.
  14. I bet fritz' sand paper tongue feels good on the taint
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