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  1. Silverchair- Tomorrow Israel's Son
  2. I loved the style of Trainwreck, one of my all time favourites. Wish they continued that sound going forward personally, I loved that experimental approach
  3. Haha yeah mate I'm not that old. We've got kids games and educational games she plays on my iPhone and she started playing some of my side scrolling platform games as well and went alright, so I tried her on Mario and she loves it. Sometimes she just doesn't hold jump down for quite long enough and falls down holes. She struggles on the water levels with the copious amounts of fish everywhere too. So I have thought about grabbing something like Toy Story or a kiddie platform game/something easy she can muck about on with me. There's a lot of duds out there though so thought I'd see if anyone h
  4. Actually I have got that game. I'll give her a try at it. She's only 4 though haha, have to see how she goes pointing at the screen with the remote etc. Mario is good because she only needs to know a few buttons
  5. Does anyone know a decent enough kids game for the Wii? I've been playing New Super Mario Bros with my daughter and she's alright at it, but still dies a fair bit and struggles a little with sections where you need a quick reaction time. If anyone has played any kids games that are a bit easier what do you recommend?
  6. It's funny how in today's politically correct culture where everyone wants to lift up people of different sexual orientation, that no one has mentioned his daughter's sad, heartfelt reaction: She said she didn't want me to be a girl anymore—she wanted me to be a boy again. I guess it's easier to overlook or shrug off his daughter's feelings. Who ever said there were no innocent victims when it comes to a person's sexual preference aye
  7. Cool man. Keen to see the Banjo Kazoozie one
  8. Nice story, I'm the same when it comes to tattoos, don't understand people who just pick something random off the wall. But each to their own. You should post the rest of your ink up in here man, I've seen a bit before but not all of them.
  9. Haha alright, pretty funny. Cheers for that!
  10. Alright well where is this picture? Could you post it
  11. anada

    El Ten Eleven

    I don't think I have room in my life right now for more than one instrumental band.
  12. anada

    El Ten Eleven

    Are they better than Mogwai
  13. Eppard is a very underrated drummer, I've always loved listening to him. Especially in a band where the guitar work takes a real centre stage. It's good to see him back, hopefully he's sorted out his drug problem
  14. God's desire is that we refrain from sin, so such a command should be doubted. Sounds like a copout to me on Angus' behalf, or someone is deceiving him. Either way it's not really a good look
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