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  1. Speedo, other than the last few the majority are well thought out and clever, props to Ghent and JarJar.
  2. A pretty shit bassist at that, bless him.
  3. Definitely tbs blink 182 or the beatles
  4. He fucked up ripping the poster down, haha.
  5. lol I like how that AvA movement guy was like 'I'm here, I've arrived, lets do this' meaning bring on the abuse for his controversial views, then as soon as he was getting a response he didn't like he was like 'fuck this, bye, kisses' what a dick.
  6. Ghent, weren't you saying a few pages back that blink should replace tom? Good shout.
  7. Bennett, you keep popping up from time to time proclaiming 'I DON'T CARE ANYMORE' to the point that makes me think you reallllllly do care.
  8. Princess Leia, where are you tonight? - A New Hope
  9. God, we really do go in fucking circles when there is no actual Blink news to talk about.
  10. Judging the photos provided: Mark In reality, Tom is (was) the only above average looking bloke of the three. Travis is a tattoo ridden rat, and Mark is just Mark, bless.
  11. TrOliver You are all knobs for biting. Swim away. Or don't, I enjoy the debate.
  12. Not bad, I quite like your voice and melancholy style. Really reminds me of the band Staind. Your lyrics are rather cliché though and the guitar is quite bad, not thongrider dreadful mind. You're easily headed in the right direction, was pleasantly surprised not to see another shite Blink regurgitation. Keep hard at it and you have the potential to be good.
  13. Still four days to wait here. Was just replying to Rory about films due out.
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