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  1. Did he write Rebel Girl for his gf?
  2. Was 13 when it came out! Started getting into the band a bit before (due to WMAA). This record solidified my fandom. Roller Coaster and EILFY were instant hits for me.
  3. I think she’s talking about sex
  4. She’s a super milf though. Trav living his best life NQAT
  5. That third pic... saucy 😏 His thumbnail looks kinda gross tbh😅
  6. Still an awesome performance Could've been the biggest band in the world if they didn't split up
  7. Bit late but finally saw Avengers Endgame! 🤩 Good/fitting way to close the story. Thor absolutely stole the show, he was hilarious (same for Ant Man). 8/10
  8. I remember being super excited for AVA when they dropped that first black and white teaser video 🥲
  9. Where’s the tattoo I wanna see!!! 😏
  10. This is a great performance 🔥🔥🔥
  11. The Honest Thief - Nice (standard) Liam Neeson action flick. Had some cool moments 7/10
  12. Would be cool if we had all the information on an interactive timeline/website. Perhaps an idea for later 😊
  13. Good horror! There’s one scene near the end which was super well done and original. Dont watch if you’re claustrophobic 😉. 7.5/10
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