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  1. Shouldve been the lead single. Edging was a disgrace
  2. Turpentine is the most Untitled sounding song. Definitely my number 1 song on the record. All the boys have their moments where they shine in the song. Think I do miss a proper bridge or epic guitar riff. DMW still a banger. Has grown even more on me. Anthem Pt 3, Terrified and MTYK are strong 💪🏼 Bad News bridge is so catchy. Mark is really good here. In YDKWYG verses he is also very clever with his lyrics.
  3. They used to have a few cool designs way back when. But most them were kinda ugly lol 💀
  4. First one I bought was Enema. Second Dude Ranch I think. Still remember the day I went to the record store and bought Untitled 🥹🥹
  5. Quick question pls: Where can we find the bonustracks?
  6. 34! 35 next Jan 😮‍💨 💃
  7. After a first listen, Anthem part 3, DWM, Terrified, MTYK, Bad News, Turpentine are definitely the standout tracks for me! 🔥 Out of that bunch Turpentine is the star ⭐️. The joke tracks are cool too for what they are lol. Requires a few more listens 🚀🚀🚀. Overall, really good record! Missed Tom 🥺
  8. Gonna save it for after work 😎 Getting super pumped by reading all the reviews 🤠🤠
  9. I only trust reviews from Tik Tokers
  10. Second half of the interview was definitely better than the first half. Tom came across as very chill and confident. Like, he knows, Blink is nothing without him.
  11. Pretty interesting so far (halfway through). Zane’s question and remarks aren’t necessarily sharp or insightful
  12. Seriously though, never noticed it! Since when?
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