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  1. Lion - Wow such a good movie! I’m so emotional right now 🥺🥺 (Rooney Mara is so beautiful 😍) 8.5/10
  2. So whats the latest news on KourtVis
  3. they all just should have a hot sexy threesome together
  4. I think he meant Khloe. But not sure if they were ever (officialy) a thing.
  5. Was not aware of this remix (Mark jumps in at 1:20)
  6. Blink is done without Tom. Mark doesnt have another album in him.
  7. Lupin! Watched the first three. Entertaining
  8. Han Solo - It wasnt very good... 5/10
  9. Finished Queens Gambit! Really good show! 8/10
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