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  1. Wow! Was there any particular reason he did this
  2. Only 250k and 300k views for the lyric video and music video respectively...Bands popularity is in deep trouble
  3. Reminds me of that song Amoeba
  4. Pretty much what can be expected from Blink at this point.... Generic throwaway song. But I guess that was the point? Just a quick, fun song?
  5. Wow that Oliver Tree song is really a waste of Mark and Travis’ talent 😬
  6. He sounds like he’s tired... AVA would’ve been good as a one-off project. With 4-5 records out, Toms inability to evolve his sound becomes obvious.
  7. Doesn't sound necessarily exciting, just same old AVA... The issue with this band is that Tom’s voice isn’t that dynamic, kinda sounds the same in every song. Being the only vocalist in the band, that’s a problem. The same applies to his guitar work. It all sounds so similar, nothing interesting going on. Then, to cover that up, he uses spaceship special FX sounds. Which ironically seems the only thing he likes to experiment with.
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