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  1. Rashford…that penalty was just one big facepalm
  2. That pic tells the whole story pretty much. Mark, Travis and Feldmann in the forefront; Skiba in the back shadow.
  3. This song slaps! Cant believe thats Willow SMITH!
  4. I think Tom will come back to do another album and eventually a (US) tour. Dont really like the idea of them becoming a 4 piece…
  5. Exactly! Let me help you: “ MTV, I hope this email finds you well… ”
  6. Over 50% lets go baby! 😤😤😤
  7. We could create a digital photo album with a picture of yourself and a get well soon message under each photo. We could even print it and make it a “real” book then send it to Mark / hospital. Would be cool if we have a lot of people participating of course…
  8. Aaah yes she’s cool. But on stage she kinda comes across as a try hard / fake-ish
  9. One of my favorite bands since the last 4-5 years 😌. Love the light 80s vibe here 😍
  10. Finished season 2 of Lupin 😌. Good show, bit cheesy and predictable at times though. Not sure what S3 will be about though 🤔.
  11. This could either be bad or really really bad 😳🤔👀
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