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  1. Doesn't sound necessarily exciting, just same old AVA... The issue with this band is that Tomโ€™s voice isnโ€™t that dynamic, kinda sounds the same in every song. Being the only vocalist in the band, thatโ€™s a problem. The same applies to his guitar work. It all sounds so similar, nothing interesting going on. Then, to cover that up, he uses spaceship special FX sounds. Which ironically seems the only thing he likes to experiment with.
  2. If they never got together after DED, perhaps we would have gotten another +44 record, or probably another (experimental) side project... Pretty exciting if you ask me.
  3. Eurovision Song Contest - Loved it ๐Ÿ˜…. Laughed all the way through, the main characters were really likeable, also the ending was kinda heartwarming. 8.5/10 @Scott. Watched this one?
  4. Not the right fit for Blink imo
  5. I browse the boards often in the evening, a dark theme would be a bit more easy on the eyes Is this possible? So during the day the colors stay as is, but in the evening/night, the colors switch automatically to something more dark. Thanks!
  6. Doubting between Zulu and Happy Days... @yodda why donโ€™t you add a poll? Makes it easier to get the counts no?
  7. Its tough but, Cheshire
  8. Indie pop lovers rejoice, this song is amazing ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
  9. Midsommar - Too long, no story...sorry but what was this movie about. Just watching some pagan rituals? 5/10
  10. This is still a banger I DONT CARE WHAT YOU THINK!
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