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  1. It's definitely worth a rewatch! Now that I think about it, Brad Pitt was actually pretty awesome lol.
  2. Saw it yesterday. Movie was just OK to be honest. No real story line or progression... felt like hanging out with Leo and Brad Pitt. Leo carried the movie, super charismatic and funny! When he started crying or complaining about hippies I lost it lol. Brad was decent as well. But it was too long! Did we really need to see Leo acting in his Western movies. Could've easily cut 30 min. Why was Margot Robbie in this? Ending was epic. Haven't laughed that hard in a loooong time lmfao. 7/10
  3. Whatever happened with Carol Heller. Wish she was on more songs
  4. Darkside verses are okay... chorus defaults back to Skiba screaming
  5. Yet another model thinking she can sing
  6. After a couple of listens, it's def the best of the bunch. Happy Days is embarrassing.
  7. Guess we'll just have to accept that this sound is the new Blink....
  8. Unfortunately this album is shaping up to be quite horrible
  9. Matt criticizing someone else's guitar skills? Really? Making fun of your fans? People defending this behavior (poorly btw)?
  10. Ali's Wedding - Charming rom/com 7/10 Curse of Llorona - Too many jumpscares... ending was somewhat okay. 6/10
  11. They sounded a bit tired
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