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  1. Hey man, Polynesians weren't represented in film before naboo and boba fett. Lucas was a pioneer.
  2. That being said the prequels are still solid gold.
  3. The internet charged the Jar Jar hate. Little boy anakin was 8 times worse. "Yippee!" "Now THIS is pod racing" "Let's try spinning, that's a good trick!"
  4. I could get on board with this. He could use that sweet sweet skywalker blood to be even more powerful than he was previously.
  5. Song is catchy as hell and the video will make me bust up laughing randomly.
  6. So long as a stark doesn't win. They've all turned into preachy cunts. Ugh all of them are so smug. For what God damned reason!? I hope Bronn sells his honor for the throne
  7. I bet Leia will be doing more wizardry and will be the key to all.
  8. I love you cheerios but a lando L3 reunion would be gayer than cum on a mustache
  9. I hope Ewan McGregor sneaks into this as well. It's time for the greatness that was the prequels to get some love.
  10. At this point i don't even give a shit if it ruins the dynamic they've been going for, but I really hope the Emperor is back in some way shape or form. He can save Kylo and make him a decent villain.
  11. I'm excited. I think this can be wonderful. If anakin shows up i'm gonna dump a pint of cum over the people in the front row.
  12. 1. What went wrong (tom solo) 2. No it isn't. (Mark Solo) 3. Rite of Spring (tom solo) 4. Mothers Day (reconciliation with vocal harmonies) 5. Dumpweed 6. The Rock Show (fast version with slow bridge) 7. Dammit (formula break) 8. Kaleidoscope 9. Left Alone 10. Obvious 11. Violence 12. Elevator 13. The Adventure 14. Secret Crowds 15. Chapter XIII 16. Stay Together For the Kids 17. Asthenia 18. Please take me home 19. Heres your letter 20. Feeling This 21. Anthem Encore 1. Pretty Little Girl 2. What's My Age Again 3. Aliens Exist 4. Shut Up (effort put into bridge and delivery) This is where I'm at in my life where I'd enjoy this the most.
  13. I came into all of this ignorant and blind. Im so glad this exists.
  14. First CD I got was mother fuckin Creed Human Clay
  15. Get off the bulldozer's nutzzzzzz
  16. Salty as FUH lol gimme the bulldoze over a finesse cunt any day. I've been pretty removed from this whole thing. I'm currently leading in our bracket group and i literally watched no games this year. I've only watched the ESPN play by plays on my phone.
  17. Same. My wife's never watched it. We started last friday and are into season 2
  18. I'm sure Slash isn't up to anything noteworthy
  19. I actually like the Justin Pierre idea. Blink should just rotate guitarists for their next 5 albums. sooner or later they'll get a good fit.
  20. I haven't seen a topic yet, but anyone watched any games? The Duke Game last night was pretty wild. I'm glad Duke won though. Super Pissed that fucking New Mexico State botched the Auburn game. I just want to see them get passed the first round. Zion is a maniac and I love him.
  21. I dunno if it's my favorite, but I thoroughly enjoyed this. Just don't look into his eyes... Those horrible... horrible eyes...
  22. I loved this song in the day. There's probably better though.
  23. It was a shit movie, but when she's getting changed in that Terminator Genisys movie... my god.
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