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  1. OLD Guitar Center Interview with Tom

    I was trying to find some old Blink information and came across this internview with Tom from many years ago. It's funny to read some of his thoughts on his rig and equipment, especially considering what AVA did to his playing style and such: http://gc.guitarcenter.com/interview/tomdelonge/
  2. Has anyone heard Hey I'm Sorry yet?

    You're doing God's work.
  3. WTB: Delonge Strat (Seafoam Green) & Hoppus Bass

    I'm not too picky with the pickup position. I guess my first choice would be the reverse version as that's what I used to have, but i'm more concerned with the condition. Thanks!
  4. Nostalgia has hit pretty hard these past few weeks and I'm looking to reclaim what was once an integral part of my youth - a Tom Delonge Strat and a Mark Hoppus Bass. Looking for both in very good condition and both in seafoam green. Thanks