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  1. Thanks! Just wrote @Nshesaid, and she said "I think we're running out of alcohol". No, sorry! He hasn't said a thing yet. Thanks a lot!
  2. In the meantime, here's my e-mail, in case it's more comfortable for you: sebastianpratesi@gmail.com. And Facebook profile.
  3. I just tried messaging you, but "Nshesaid can't receive messages" appears when I try to send one. Any idea?
  4. Video Games Thread

    Sorry, man! Hope you are given the right product in time for the Holidays. My 2 cents to the thread: I've been playing Super Mario RPG on the mini-'SNES'. I'm about to finish it (there's only 1 star left to get). I've enjoyed the game a lot so far - there's a lot of cool humour/jokes throughout! I'm thinking of starting another of the RPGs afterwards. Which do you recommend first? 1. EarthBound 2. Secret Of Mana 3. The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past 4. Final Fantasy III
  5. Hi, guys (and @CuteBilly182 and @dildo69er)! One of your bandmates here. This weekend I'll start writing some stuff on my acoustic guitar -I love writing!- and I'll share ideas with you. How do you prefer communicating? 1. For general comments: Facebook? e-mail? The forums? 2. For recordings: Dropbox? WeTransfer? Google Drive? 3. For scores/tabs: Flat.io? I made an account last year, and it's cool. Does anyone use another platform? PS: I post my music at https://elhombreelefante.bandcamp.com, and it's all acoustic guitar (but sometimes twisted so that it sounds like an electric bass or something). Just in case you want to have a reference. I like writing in odd-time signatures a lot, but I guess this won't be the case.
  6. A boring story about why I'm here

    Interesting points! Especially the one about 'weird inversion of rhythms'. For almost 10 years, the rhythmic aspect of some songs confused the hell out of me. The intros in "Don't leave me" and "Violence", the pre-choruses in "Going away to college", the solo in the outro of BCR's "Sorrow"... sometimes he accentuates off-beat so, when you think you are following the music, a guitar or a vocal (or another drum line) seems like it comes out of nowhere. It took me a long time to understand the rhythm and accents in "Going away to college" and "Violence". Those songs/albums have a lot of replay value! I'm not sure if we are thinking the same thing, but I wanted to point that out.
  7. Video Games Thread

    Oh, man! It must suck having to wait for days! The Mario RPG is another one I really liked! My first impression is that the game is pretty simple compared to others, but lots of fun nonetheless!
  8. Senegal Grindcore Mafia

    Because I want to help promote the band so they can be known (and hopefully tour) in other countries, I would be grateful if you could tell me names/links of blogs, forums or YouTube channels that you like, focused on metal and alternative rock - websites where I could write to and post about the band and their music. Any help you can provide will be great and much appreciated. Thanks!
  9. Senegal Grindcore Mafia

    Hi, everyone! Last week, Senegal Grindcore Mafia -a young band from my country- uploaded their 2nd album, which is called 'Ido y Lúcido' and is great. You can listen through any of the following: Bandcamp: https://lasenegal.bandcamp.com/album/ido-y-l-cido Spotify: YouTube: The album was mixed by Jack Shirley (producer of Deafheaven, Oathbraker and others) and mastered by Doug Henderson (who works on Swans' records), and is very special because it's the successful result of a 50 day crowdfunding campaign. The guys from the band needed around $4.000 dollars, and within the first 24 hours of the campaign, they were able to collect half of the money. By the time the campaign ended (in early September), 129% of the expected total had been raised. They did pretty good! Their music is a mixture of some metal sub-genres, some psychedelic/progressive rock and some punk. They are not grindcore at all - actually, each of their albums has just 5 songs, some of which are past the 9 minute mark. Only one song on their new album has some grindcore feels as far as I can tell. Anyway: it's a great, great band and a great, great album! It's pretty short and fast (the first song and a section of the third one remind me of blink), so hopefully you'll have a chance to listen to it. If you like it, you can send your comments to the band through www.lasenegal.com or https://www.facebook.com/lasenegal - eventhough Spanish is their first language, they can read/write in English. PS: Here's a video of the guys playing one of the songs on the album, "Rocco invades Poland" on a late-night talkshow in September.
  10. Video Games Thread

    I live in Argentina, where Nintendo has been absent for more than 10 years... Until now - the 'SNES' is the first Nintendo product to be distributed in the country in a long time. Last week I got one for myself (the American version), and it costs the equivalent to US$290. Doesn't matter to me - I'm not a huge gamer, but this console was exactly what I was looking to find/get because: it comes with many, many games, none of which I had played before. it comes with ¡5! RPGs, including a Zelda and a Final Fantasy - both of them series I've been curious about for more than 15 years. it's Nintendo! As a kid I grew up playing the first Pokémon games on 'Game Boy Pocket' and 'Mario Kart' and 'Party' on a N64 emulator, so this feels like home! tl;dr: I'm so happy about having a mini 'SNES'! I even bought a TV for the first time, in order to play the games - that's how excited I was about the console! So far, my favourite games are 'EarthBound' and 'Secret of Mana'... and 'Super Mario Kart', obviously! What are yours?
  11. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Great list! Besides "Zulu", which I don't remember quite a lot, everyone is a cool song to me. I'm especially fond of "A new hope" - that one is just perfect. I'm curious about "Man overboard" - what makes it your only 'Travis-era' song? The melodies? Mark's bass? Hey, whatever happened to CAKE? Some 5 years ago I purchased a cheap copy of 1998's Prolonging the Magic -which I liked a lot- and I remember expecting a new album they kept talking about. Their last one was in 2011, right? Have they released a follow-up?
  12. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    You got it! By the way, which are your favourite songs by the band? I know you are an old-school fan, and Buddha, Cheshire cat and Dude ranch have many, many cool songs. Which stand out for you?
  13. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    What does that have to do? They don't have the same chords/progression. In the chorus in "Adam's song" (which is in C), the fourth chord is F - the sub-dominant IV degree of the key. In the chorus in "Violence" (which is in B), the fourth chord is F#* - the dominant V degree of the key. But yeah, until those last chords, the progression is the same. (* well, they play A#, but that note is the major 3rd of F#, so I'm assuming they originally wrote the song with the F# in mind) Really? To me they are 2 of my favourite songs. What tracks would you say are the band's strongest?
  14. A boring story about why I'm here

    Hi, and welcome! I'm a new forum member as well, but I've enjoyed the forum a lot - hopefully you will too. I liked your introduction! I'm curious: I'm also influenced by Travis' playing in a way, eventhough I play guitar. What are your favourite Travis' parts? Or, just in general, what have you learnt/discovered from listening to him? What music/artists were you listening to in high school & community college, when your "music taste began to shift"?
  15. Hi, girls and guys! I recently wrote/recorded/uploaded Hipotenusa (Spanish for 'hypothenuse'), an EP consisting of 5 acoustic guitar pieces, featuring different styles (there are arpeggios, riffs, harmonics, odd time-signatures...). Below is a video of me playing "Equivocar" (Spanish for 'to mistake'), one of the pieces. Both 'hipotenusa' and 'equivocar' are words which don't repeat letters and contain all 5 vowels. Those are my favourite words (they look/sound aesthetically pleasant to me), so I thought of choosing a few and representing them in the form of music. I assigned a note to each letter (La to 'a', Re to 'e', and so on), wrote a melody using those notes, and continued composing the piece based on that melody. I invited friends/musicians to join on the experiment/game. The EP is available for downloading/streaming at https://elhombreelefante.bandcamp.com/album/hipotenusa, and attached to it is a PDF with the whole explanation of what I did. If any of you is into this sort of thing, and would like to write/share a song of your own, I can translate the full text and post it! You could work with one of the words in Spanish (there's a list of 145 in the PDF), or one in English (such as 'education'), or whatever. (You could also do something with your voice, different instruments, electronic music - you name it!) Thanks!