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  1. islyes

    Anyone have this old blink design?

    That's way better quality. Thanks to both of you a lot @daveyjones @Thibaut182 Definitely going to give the DIY a go. Do either of you know what the symbol is to the left that is out of sight on the video?
  2. islyes

    Anyone have this old blink design?

    That's a pretty good idea. I also didn't know that it was that font. I appreciate it. Do you or @Thibaut182 happen to know of a better still image that is seen in the video? It has some areas out of sight, and I suppose for someone with talent it wouldn't be too hard to fill in the gaps, but I unfortunately have no experience with graphics. Or does anyone happen to know an artist who would be able to replicate it at a decent price?
  3. islyes

    Anyone have this old blink design?

    Yeah, I figured it was a long shot that this would be around. I was hoping that maybe someone at one point scanned it. If anyone by chance knows if it is around as a shirt or scan please let me know. @Kjblink182 @Thibaut182
  4. https://youtu.be/hl_KiRUvv0g?t=382 at 6:22 on this video. Pre-182 blink shirt design.