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Help me !! for amps :P

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Hi, first of all sry for my english , i'm a french canadian ;). I have a question because idk wichone to buy. i'm currently playing nofx, no use for a name, strung out, Blink 182 and punk like this. i'm hesitates between a Marshall DSL 40c, Traynor Ycv40 and Line 6 spider valve mkII (bogner one). i have a budget of 900 $-1000$ CA. Thanks for the help

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None of them, cause these amps suck and won't get the tone you're looking for.

Are you playing in a band?

If yes or you want to sometime and you do need a tube amp, I`d suggest you are looking for these amps:

- Laney Ironheart IRT30 112 Combo (right in budget)

- A used Mesa Boogie 5:25+ Combo / Mesa Boogie Recto-Verb 25 (with a lot of luck)

If you are not playing in a band, do you really need a tube amp? Cause even a 5 Watt tube amp can be too loud for bedroom players.

My advice is, either buy a

- Yamaha THR 100 Dual + a good used FRFR monitor box (EV ZLX 12 P or a Yamaha DBR 10)

or save more money to get an

- Kemper Profiling Amp (non poweramp version) + also a good used FRFR monitor box (EV ZLX 12 P or a Yamaha DBR 10)


These modelling amps are not even awesome for playing/rehearsing/recording at home cause you can play via headphones. You can also connect both directly into a PA system and to the above mentioned FRFR monitor box when you do rehearsal or playing live. Both the Yamaha and Kemper sound badass... like you're really playing over a tubeamp rig.

I know what I'm talking about, cause I`ve been playing expensive tube amps for over a decade now.

The modelling technology is getting better and better.

I tried the Yamaha Amp last week at my local music store and no could tell the difference between a real tube amp and this. The Kemper is even a bit better!

With the Yamaha you can model all power amp tubes you can think of (EL34, 6L6, 6V6, ...) and you can also combine both channels together. And a 5x footswitch is included. You can even load different IR's (cabinet impulses) into the THR and also configure three different boost types. The Yamaha THR also has an integrated power amp (to connect to a guitar cabinet)

This gives you maximum flexibility and you don't need a manual to use this.

The Kemper Profiling Amp (KPA) profiles real tube amps with all its dynamics and tone structure. The Profile contains the complete chain (Tube Amp, Cabinet, Microphone and Room) of a setup and is also used by a lot of Top bands nowadays, because they profile their "real" rig into this little top and get the exact same sound as if they were using the "real" thing.

Even blink-182 is now playing KPAs. Another famous bands are e.g. Sum 41, 30 Sec to Mars, Less than Jake, and almost every Metal Band plays through this KPA.





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