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  1. Matts voice is too monotone for my liking, atleast to be singing Toms parts. As bad as Tom sung, he still had that high pitched, different sounding voice. Matts is just kinda bland to me, similar to marks. I hate to be negative because this is still really cool, having someone who actually cares play guitar

    Take into consideration, it is his first time playing these songs (singing and guitar), he's reading off of a teleprompter, and he already said he is nervous.  Anyways, I think he sounds pretty damn amazing!

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  2. i just listened to it 3-4 times on the release day and once on the next day, and now i can't recall it's melody at all. so it's definitely forgettable.

    Yeah, all my hype is gone.  I'm not even excited for the next song.  I almost wished that I did order the album...just to make myself interested.  Oh well, on with Blink 182 w/ Skiba.

  3. the very original bunny (pre 182) was literally taken from an alice in wonderland illustration, wasn't it?

    also, no. mark working with Pete on that has nothing to do with it. they named their first album Cheshire Cat ffs. there's always been the reference

    Sorry Cheif, didn't mean to make you mad or upset.


    Bro hug?

  4. This is what he stated.  I have no


    I find that story about the guitar ruining his back a little hard to believe. I think it was maybe a private thing he didn't want to tell anyone about.

    Just think about it, you would have to go through years of pain, day after day, and never once would you choose to raise your guitar, or stand straight up? Just doesn't make sense to me.

    Man, what am I even saying. I dunno, while the above sounds reasonable to me, I don't know why he would lie about such a thing.


    This is what he stated.  


  5. Just looked it up. The Gibson hollow bodies are about 4-5 lbs heavier than a strat.

    I looked it up too, they are about the same. 8lbs each.  What guitars did you use for your comparison?  I used a Fender Stratocaster vs a Gibson E-335   Not sure where you got that from, but I looked up each one individually, plus..I'm sure Tom's was specially made for him.  Plus...it also depends what type of wood the guitar is made of. 



    What I found:






    Weight Comparisons




    Weight:Semi Hollow -  

    http://www.es-335.net/weights.html  (generally 7-9 lbs)



    Fender Stratocaster - 

    http://www.musicradar.com/us/reviews/guitars/fender-mexican-standard-stratocaster-25204  (8 lbs)

    http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/StratAMM3SB2 ( 7lbs 13 oz)

    http://forums.fender.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=97359 (7.5 lbs)

    http://www.fenderforum.com/forum.html?topic_number=415993  (7.5 - 8.5 LBS)




    Where did you get your information??

  6. Why the fuck do you guys care how high/low Tom held his guitar for fucks sake.



    Just having a general discussion in the general discussion topic.  I'm sorry that you don't like the current topic at hand.  What would you like to talk about?  How was your day?  It's snowy here, kind of cold.  I hope it warms up.  My coffee was pretty good today too!  I hope I get a cup like that tomorrow.

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  7. This may sound weird but did anyone else hate how high Tom wore his guitar?. It's a large guitar to begin with, and playing it strapped that high always looked so stupid. It will be nice seeing Skiba with his Les Paul strapped lower playing fast songs.


    I believe he wore it so high due to his back issues.  If you look at videos with his fender, it is much lower.  Supposedly, the hollow body is lighter which helps his back.  He wears it higher, to keep him from hunching over to play.  It is much better for his back.  It doesn't look as cool, but it is a healthier position.

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  8. You're right, but I am curious to hear what else he has to say. Not that it'll sway me to side with him. But I'm very curious.


    I doubt we will ever hear much more from his side of the story, because it will probably either incrimiate him more...or just match what Mark and Travis have already said.  I doubt there is much more to the story..other than him trying to force them to go through modlife, and him being upset that they declined.

  9. Anyone can fake chemistry on stage, what REALLY mattered was the chemistry off stage.  And they haven't had good offstage chemistry for a long time, maybe sparks of it here and there, but generally speaking, it never returned when they got back together.

    Their chemistry was lost before they finished with the Untitled Album.  There was a lot of fustration there in the "Album Release - MTV" show.  When they were signing the X-Boxes, and when Tom visits Rick Devoe and he is playfully 'reminding Tom' who his bandmates are, because Tom hasn't seen/practiced with them in so long. 


    I remember hearing there was trouble in the band, and this show kind of confirmed it for me.  These issues probably go back longer than we are aware of.

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