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  1. Matt’s still in denial about being in the bald club tho
  2. Ouch lol. Burned em with that line! Haha seriously
  3. Tom clearly needs outside help. You can go ahead and not count the Rubin brothers if you want just because Ilan is in the band…but Tom never needed someone else so much (except Mark) to write that much before. Tom bit off more than he can chew and realized he ran out of ideas , so now Ilan Rubin IS THE FACE OF ANGELS AND FARTWAVES. He recorded all of the guitars on the new records anyways. At least Tom will still be credited for wack ass dancing
  4. Don’t use the R word you’ll get attacked for that too (maybe rightfully so)
  5. I can see how “A Little’s Enough” could get interpreted as a Christian song
  6. Mark is a celebrity. People are going to wonder about it. That’s the least of his worries. He’s probably thankful to have people caring and wondering, some people could only wish they had one person to give a fuck
  7. Stop flaming people for having natural and curious thoughts. They should be able to bring these thoughts up, it’s not like he’s harassing Mark about it. He’s concerned and don’t act like you all haven’t wondering and wish you knew what type of cancer it was too.
  8. Always happy to agree to disagree with you beautiful 😘❤️
  9. Waffle-bollocks might be my new favorite word and I don’t even know what it means
  10. MGK didn’t pull shit off in any great way you’re kidding yourself
  11. Seriously…AVA fans you literally listen to the worst singer in rock and roll history, he would not exist without auto tune…you have ZERO leg to stand on complaining about the vocals and effects on these songs. Do yourself a favor and STFU
  12. Get better Mark! You’ve been a massive part of my life for longer than you haven’t, and you’ve given us so much joy and great times over the years. You are so loved and appreciated ❤️
  13. This astrology shit has gone too far.
  14. Oh so you knock people for liking Skiba blink but get all butt hurt when I knock you for liking Fall Out Boy. Funny how that works
  15. Don’t you have some diapers to go change?
  16. Except for Tom doesn’t contribute very much these days at all. What would he even bring to blink, 2 songs at most?
  17. Yea I definitely don’t doubt that he did, it’s very obvious that he did lol. I’ve just never heard him come right out and say it
  18. Can you please find the video/interview of Ilan saying this? I totally believe you, I just want to send it to my friend who is obsessed with AVA and Tom right now to shatter his whole world
  19. Where has Feldmann said he wrote certain parts of blink songs? And my point still stands that Feldmann has literally called Tom the John Lennon of blink, so he would absolutely willingly take a step back and let Tom drive if he were to produce a blink album with Tom
  20. Nobody is saying that. Aaron Rubin obviously has an input and effect on how the songs turn out or he wouldn’t get writing credits today. Finn would definitely get writing credits today as well and I don’t think anyone would complain.
  21. It’s not a fuss we’re just talking facts. Sorry that Ghent had to correct someone with cold hard data! Lol
  22. But if Tom comes back he is another songwriter, Feldman respects the shit out of Tom if you’ve seen any quotes he’s made about him. So I can totally see Feldman automatically and willingly taking a step back for Tom and Mark to do their thing and just play producer. I don’t know what other producer they would try to get. I wouldn’t be mad if it was Feldy or someone else, I just think Feldy is a great fit for Tom being that Finn is unfortunately no longer with us
  23. Yea that’s why I responded with fake news. Sure he held a grudge at first because Feldman was producing his band without him. But those feelings have subsided. I guarantee Tom respects Goldfinger and Feldmann’s success as a producer. It’s not like Tom can sit here and say “I don’t like overproduced music”, lol all of their music was super over produced and glossed up since Enema. And Tom needs a slick producer to sound good anyways, he knows this. Tom would definitely work with Feldmann before co-existing with Skiba as a 4 piece blink.
  24. You just gave me a great idea. Let’s get Feldmann to replace Skiba and get some ska up in this bitch!
  25. But yet you like fall out boy lmfao
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