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Found 3 results

  1. Here is the amazing project that the rad people here such as @daveyjones, @Q182, @blinkstillrules and @Ry-Bread as well as myself have been focused on the research, the history and the timeline of Tom's sticker strat that he used starting October 1994 up until November 1997 where he took off all the stickers from his guitar (most probably during the Lagwagon European tour 1997). Here is in video form on how to replicate the guitar by the forum legends @Ry-Bread and @daveyjones! Ryan's Journey to recreate his own personal Tom replica! Part 1 : Research Part 2 : Application of the stickers Here is a timeline with rare pictures and rare footage of the guitar in action on page 41! If you see or have any pictures that are missing on the timeline, please send me a PM and I'll add them to the timeline to have the most-up-to date timeline, this timeline is constantly being updated! https://www.instagram.com/p/CManL2XBlQV/ https://www.instagram.com/p/CNQ4n9TB2lk/ Board legend and historian @daveyjones now has the most accurate replica of the famous sticker strat (a Fender 40th anniversary strat from 1994 the same one like Tom!)
  2. Andrew182


    There might be a thread for this (amazing) band, but i couldn't find one. I guess in this thread you can post stuff related to ALL or Descendents. Imo this band is really underrated, and a lost gem. I don't see this band any different from Descendents, only a different vocalist. Billy boy still being one of the greatest songwriters. It has really influenced Blink and even myself! If you haven't really listened to All i recommend it and urge you to listen.
  3. Hi, I've found a that blink 182 covered a song by Descendents, called "Hope". Everywhere I see it, it says that it was a live performance, but it sounds as it was recorded in the studio, cause it sounds pretty clear and nice. What I wanna know is if it was a live performance, and WHEN they covered it. Listening to the voice of Tom, I'd say that it was in "Dude Ranch" years (1997-1998) or EVEN "Cheshire Cat". THIS is the version I'm referring to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=flZnSzyUxCg Cause there's another version out there that is obviously LIVE, in 2003. Thanks!
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