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Found 1 result

  1. Kay


    I couldn't find a thread for it - I know most people here don't give a crap about YouTube on a large scale, or care much about following particular YouTubers, but I also know that myself and @Nasa are huge Phillip Defranco fans so I figure maybe some of you like some specific youtubers / accounts. So I'll list a couple of my go to channels - IHE (I Hate Everything) ^ This is just to give you an idea of the formula. he's basically a negative, whiny, cynical brit who bashes everything to a ridiculous level. Tbh I watch him because it's nice to find someone in the universe who gets just as unneccessarily angry as I do over nothing. He has a lot of "I Hate _______ " videos, and some random weird and youtube related crap in the middle, but he also has his "Search for the worst" series, which is basically him watching some of the worst films ever, reviewing and organising them to find the ultimate 'worst' film. These are surprisingly entertaining, I think I've seen the "amazing bulk" one three times now because he's just genuinely quite entertaining. There's lots of film reviewer type youtubers out there who are more nuanced, or amusing, but I think IHE has the right balance of intelligence and pure anger that tickles me. Passion Of The Nerd Yeah, it's an entire youtube channel doing analysis of every buffy episode ever. he's started on Angel too! I think his eventual goal is to cover a lot of shows (I know Star Trek Next Gen is on the list) but I literally love Buffy, and I love witty and intellectual thoughts on Buffy, because despite being a silly 90s show about vampires it helped shaped me as a human and means as much to me as blink does. If there was a youtube channel dedicated to critically analysing blink-182 to a obsessive degree, I'd love that too. hell I'd start it. This is a great side viewing if you've ever kind of liked Buffy and wanted to give it a whirl from the beginning, because it gives you an idea of the worth watching and not worth watching episodes. I don't always agree with him, but he gives fantastic insight. plus it keeps the buffyverse alive for me, for a little while longer. Brett Novak Brett Novak does breath taking film making... of skateboarders. I watch a lot of skateboarding stuff on youtube and this guys work is just kind of mesmerising. the example I've posted is from his 'ShortSided' series, which he posts every monday. It's a different skateboarder, different location, different trick. it's just nicely filmed versions of very interesting tricks. I also support him on Patreon, because he has quite few subscribers considering the quality of his content. He also has longer short skateboarding 'films' too. He's also a very nice dude who listened to my music so that's cool! Rob Scallon There's a lot of youtube musicians, specifically guitarists, and as a guitarist and musician myself I barely watch them and usually find them *super* annoying, However Rob Scallon is just immensely talented yet humble. Dude can play basically any instrument he tries to a ridiculously good level and he does a lot of interesting things writing challenges or just really weird and innovative covers. The one I've posted here is a "write a song on just one fret" challenge, and it isnt the most inventive one he's done by any means, I just love the song itself. He does a lot of solo guitar pieces, an album of which is available on Spotify which I highly recommend. the dudes just the boss of instruments and he has some fantastic - and funny - videos on his channel. Note : A lot of it is metal, but a lot of it isn't, it's worth checking out. Internet Comment Etiquette (With Eric!) tbh, these are just funny af. 'nuff said. There's definitely more that I'd highlight and I'm not saying these are the best youtube has to offer by a mile, its just the crap I watch. Anyone else have any channels they're big fans of and want to highlight?
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