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  1. We've just uploaded a brand new song on our myspace page. There are also photo's from recording in the studio. Feedback is much appreciated, Cheers. www.myspace.com/skylinesunriseuk
  2. Sao_Sin

    Travis injured in plane crash

    SHIT!! Can't believe little chris died! such a cool guy. So sad. hopefully travis is ok. did anyone hear who the other passenger who died was? i hear 2 flight crew and 2 passengers died.
  3. cheers! we need one more guitarist cos the singer cant play some of the riffs and sing! and i can't play them cos im playing piano most of the time. the recordings won't change, just for live! thanks for the feedback.
  4. http://www.myspace.com/skylinesunriseuk Former members of This Plan and Lando 45. For fans of: Relient K, Jack's Mannequin, Hit The Lights, Run Kid Run, Mae... We have a new song up called 'She's Not The One' on our myspace page. Let me know what you think.
  5. Sao_Sin

    This Plan!

    Hey, we have a new demo and video up on our myspace page. Cheers Ian
  6. Sao_Sin

    hahaha rory, you seen this?

    Haha! i recorded those vids and i have a couple more so i have more Rory stuff than anyone else...hahaha. Sinn is a Fag.
  7. Sao_Sin

    This Plan!

    Hey, here is our newest demo, we havn't put it on myspace or purevolume yet! We're recording vocals with our singer during the next few weeks... http://www.sendspace.com/file/jvrclh
  8. Sao_Sin

    This Plan!

    Thanks man! Really appreciate it.
  9. Sao_Sin

    Use Me's very first demo

    Thats pretty sweet, sounds good.
  10. Sao_Sin

    This Plan!

    God I love them...Demo 6 reminded me of Do It for Me Now for some reason. Thanks!! Yeah sure!
  11. Sao_Sin

    This Plan!

    Thanks man!! We've pretty much got a new singer and a bassist, and will be recording vocals for the demos in the next few weeks. They'll be on our myspace soon.
  12. Sao_Sin

    This Plan!

    Hey! We have a new demo up. Its not the best recording but let us know what you think. Thanks www.myspace.com/thisplanmusic
  13. Sao_Sin

    This Plan!

    Nice one! sounds awesome.
  14. Sao_Sin

    This Plan!

    Thanks so much! I'd love to hear a recording of you're vocals. We may have a singer now! I'm meeting up with him this week and we will record some vocals for a couple demos.