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  1. BOTB: Voting Thread

    sound cannon all the way!
  2. ipod to computer

    thanks thats exactly what i needed. it worked perfectly.
  3. Post awesome performances here.

    peelander z. possibly the shittiest band in the history of music but their live show was SOOO much fun it was ridiculous. at one point my friend maxx was on stage with a tiger mask fighting the drummer. no lie. >http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqXnO6WBx3I HOW YOU LIKE...COOK YOUR STEAK?!
  4. Your Favourite Bassist

    the guy from protest the hero is sick!
  5. ipod to computer

    slight problem...i have a macbook and ive already used the trial version of the ipod rip thing and it only let me get 200 songs.
  6. ipod to computer

    is there a way to get all my songs from my ipod onto my computer without having to buy a program?
  7. Song vs Song

    going away to college party song or dysentary gary
  8. NOICE! i havent hear any poetry/lyrics from you in a while
  9. Your Favourite Bassist

    nice sig. love the avett brothers
  10. Your Favourite Bassist

    Will Kubley (passafire) not the greatest bassist but he is inventive with pedals and whatnot its cool stuff but other than that id say victor wooten is insane.
  11. my band: Sound Cannon

    i do what i can
  12. my band: Sound Cannon

    you guys rly blew me...away