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  1. Hey, thanks a ton for taking the time to listen. And I really appreciate the positive feedback. I'm glad you liked it!
  2. Anyone give it a listen? I know the first half of the song might not be everyone here's taste with the ska vibe, but the second half is basically straight pop-punk. I'm pretty proud of the way it turned out, I'd just really like to get some other opinions. Thanks guys!
  3. Any feedback is super appreciated. I hope you guys like it! The original concept for this song was written back in 2011. I'm on Vocals and Guitars, and programmed all drums using Superior Drummer 2.0. My cousin wrote and played the Bass and mixed/mastered the track, and threw in some backing vocals. Lyrics: I know you think you got away. You think you tamed a devil in disguise. Stole off to another place, But we both know that all good things must die. Did I mean that much to you? 'Cause in the end, it all just seemed like lies. Guess I could scream till my face is blue, Six years man, how the time goes by. I hope it was all worth it... Yeah, I hope it was. I watched you put your hand on the stove, And like a child, you expect it not to burn. Place a ring upon a finger, Then expect to see an evil nature turn. Turn your back on everything you know, Now you wonder why you feel so lonely... You have no idea what lonely is. You knew where I was and never feigned concern. I hope it was all worth it... Yeah, I hope it was. You will never change, And I won't ask you. You will never change, Yeah... You will never change, And I won't ask you. You will never change, And I don't care.
  4. See my signature and listen to Streetlight. You're welcome.
  5. Same, even though the combos were stupid hard. Did you ever play Coolboarders for PS1? That was an awesome snowboarding game. And my all-time favorites were Amped and Amped 2 for XBOX.
  6. Bored to Death was a good choice for a single. Very safe. Definitely not one of my favorites on the album tho. Maybe that's just because it got Played to Death on my local alternative radio station.
  7. Haha I think we're crossing into ridiculous territory.
  8. Lmao, well as I understand it, you're allowed to talk about why you feel this way as long as it doesn't turn into a senseless hate post. I understand that quite a few songs are EXTREMELY juvenile (She's Out of Her Mind, Teenage Satellite...) but they definitely have some really good material on there. Left Alone is one of my favorite songs by blink in a long time. And in my opinion, I think they captured the feel of TOYPAJ without being obnoxious. Mark obviously knew what style of blink he was going for and I feel like he succeeded.
  9. I really enjoyed California. That's my piece.
  10. epi...

    Old Demo Inserts?

    Can you point me in the direction of a good rip?
  11. epi...

    Old Demo Inserts?

    Does anyone even know if they actually exist or am I just imagining things. I feel like I distinctly remember seeing a lyrics sheet for Demo #2...
  12. I think it was like 07-08. I could be totally wrong, but I remember their website saying it was their last year.
  13. They're probably bluffing anyway. They've done it before, saying it was the last Warped Tour, only to come back next year. I think it's just a stunt to try to boost attendance.
  14. Listen guys, I'm tired of looking. I need your help. Please. Ive been wanting to remake some of blink's old demos for the longest time now, but it's so hard to decipher lyrics. If I remember correctly, Demo #2 had a lyrics insert. I NEED the lyrics to some of these songs. Specifically Marlboro Man. The lyrics on some websites out there are just incomprehensible gibberish.
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