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  1. MrCarlingg

    Recommend me some good (new) pop-punk!

  2. MrCarlingg

    Twin Atlantic

    were they really that bad? Heard nothing but praise from people who watched it so far..
  3. MrCarlingg

    Twin Atlantic

    Any one from the uk watch their T in the park highlights earlier on? i missed it sadly, heard they did well though, trending worldwide on twitter for their performance
  4. MrCarlingg

    Recommend me some good (new) pop-punk!

    Just got the wonder years suburbia album album after the appreciation people in this thread show for them, and it was worth it, syncing it straight to my i-pod haha
  5. MrCarlingg

    My band, check us out!

    woah, i swear that from 0:30 onwards to 0:45 sounds so much like a guitar part from anthem part two, right after tom sings "if we're fucked up you're to blame" just me?