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  1. More armchair Psychologists here..
  2. Well now wait a minute...What about having "all the proof" of Tom having affairs yet never showing pictures/videos??? Yet - It's a fact to him? Seems a bit double standard-y yeah?
  3. Also, Mark has had his off for quite some time now - and I remember Tom took his off somewhere between 08-11 I forget when but theres quite a few pictures from back then that used to be on social media and in the studio/tour where he was not wearing a ring.
  4. I never said Jen's doesn't fit. I said Tom's doesn't fit anymore. Millions of people stop wearing their wedding ring at a certain age nowadays..it's pretty common. Exhibit A - your God - Mark Hoppus doesn't wear his wedding ring anymore......search Mark Hoppus 2018 on google you'll see quite a few pics of him without it on. Where's the uproar?
  5. uhhh for starters like I said in the OP - the sofa is in his newly remodeled NEW LOCATION studio... He's always had couches in his studios. Always. Always had Tv's..Always had paintings..As for the rings - Tom's just doesn't fit anymore. There's no big story other than that. They've followed and unfollowed each other a few times throughout the years - no fued - Idk why they do it but it's happened before. He randomly follows and unfollows people quite often throughout the years tbh.
  6. 1 - family sticks up for family regardless of 1st gen or 5th gen. 2 - Again, you support your family and genuinely think it's good. 3 - I didn't marry into either of their families. I am related to Jennifer. 4 - That would be gross; it'd be like incest. 5 - Perhaps i sound like i'm 12, because you don't like hearing things that go against your gossip'd rumors.
  7. Likewise to you. How would you react if you have everyone constantly spreading rumors across the internet and nonstop messaging him and his wife, and his kids on their social media askign about their marriage? If you wouldn't get defensive, then you probably won't ever be married or have kids and if you do...yikes good luck.
  8. We have never taken a photo of me holding your blink-182 online poster that you wanted. Honestly we haven't taken too many photos together. Also, i'm not going to go through the ones I do own and whiteout/blackout everyone's face to cover their identities. That's a waste of time when I can just snag one in November.
  9. Well..I won't see him until probably November-ish. So okay - if that's what you guys want.
  10. Yes, he does. In fact, we have adult discussions about politics the handful of times a year that I see him. We discuss the spectrums of both sides, present arguments for both sides as well as even independents. We handle it maturely.
  11. I advise you to reread through all the threads and posts.....MOST of the bashing about mark is 20% of what Tom's is...setlists/hair/riding blink's young fame, etc.