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  1. Wow.. that was incredible. Never heard of this artist but I may check it out
  2. lyrics of this video are very wrong, but great song also,
  3. From his facebook: "Oh fuck big shit happend ! I deleted my google maik account cuz he fucked me uo but i have forgot that he is connected with my youtube account, now my youtube is deleted all videos and all that hard work which i made in the last year ! I can really cry now! I can re-create the account but its very hard im to dump for this cuz google want many informations from me which i cant answer ! I hope it works ! Now im nit avaikable in youtube anymore "
  4. I have no idea how you hear "coke" in that... "Like I'm the one full of regret And like it never did good for us both" or maybe it's "cope for us both" like Cookies said
  5. Came into this thread thinking it was Dogs Eating Dogs played live.. maybe think about changing the title.
  6. I love every track.. this was not easy to order. 1) Pretty Little Girl 2) Disaster 3) Boxing Day 4) When I Was Young 5) Dogs Eating Dogs
  7. *Copied this from a post in a different topic When I Was Young I woke up today, surrounded by blackness The small morning sun, devoured the process It's always been fun, when I get a bit nervous And it's hard to say, but I feel a bit weightless The more I admit, I feel a bit anxious The more I go on, the less I can face this And those rotten things that live in our shadow We walked on the line of death and the gallows And hope that we clear a path we can follow It was the worst damn day (It doesn't hurt that much) of my life I made a mess today (It doesn't hurt that much) I'm alright
  8. Just saw this... wtf? It better be some kind of joke
  9. Really enjoyable song. Wouldn't mind a full length of music like this.
  10. The other thread was getting really big.. and the preorder is expected to drop any minute/hour now..
  11. This is awesome. 6:30 PM EST here. Glad I haven't missed anything. Anxiously waiting!
  12. Before that full length album, I, The Breather had clean vocals on their EP. But I do agree with you. It pains me when a song is really kicking in and is going good, then some high pitched,whiny singing come on. Some bands can pull it off, but a lot of them can't.
  13. The admin of this site made this.. and its fuckin hilarious haha
  14. Its definitely the lyric that dildo posted
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