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  1. http://www.vice.com/en_ca/Fringes/the-real-walter-white
  2. Letting someone die in front of you now because they possibly would have died later anyways and being cool with that is a pretty cold perspective, dude. I honestly don't see that as a defence for Walt's actions. For the record, she did not threaten to reveal after the transaction, theywould have just run away to New Zealand and got hella high, end of story. Who knows, maybe they would have cleaned up (Im not saying its likely but we don't know it couldnt have happened, Jane was clean at her introduction and Jesse did very well after he successfully cleaned up). But Walt needed Jesse to sta
  3. You don't hate Walt yet? You were totally fine with him letting Jane die? I know his split from Grey Matter was never fully fleshed out so supposing exactly where Walt's head is at isn't easy, but I got the feeling even from the start that there was sustained animosity in Walt's world over it. Whether or not it was a nice gesture, I don't think Walt particularily thought of the offer to pay his bills was nice. Anyways, I'm gonna butt out right now, I've said what I think/hope happens and I don't want to feel like I need it to happen for the sake of this conversation, I'm just goi
  4. Yea thats EXACTLY what i said.... :/ Its not about what they did or didn't do, it's Walt's perception of them that matters here. We all spent about 3-4 seasons totally rooting for a Meth cook here. This show isn't about doing the right or wrong thing, it's about seeing what a man does when he is pushed to his limits.
  5. I wouldn't agree that Walt agreed with their statments at all. Imo he got upset over what he would consider being slander. Walt still thinks he's a good guy. He had already decided to turn himself in before he saw the interview, which would have allowed him to tell his story and clean up the slander anyways. He left to pursue some evil vengence, that im sure of, and it likely wouldnt be a small move like burning down their house considering the amount of effort itll take him to return to town on his own. Imo the only options that would satisfy Walt would be either their death or the destr
  6. Not to mention they also float the idea that the early labs might be where his cancer is from. I wasn't thinking they were targets until the last scene of the lastest episode, its obviously very important that it was the Grey Matter heads that sparked Heisenburg back into action.
  7. Grey Matter is where this whole thing started so it makes sense to me to end with a move on them, plus bringing them back in the latest episode seemed very intentional. Someone from the pool is going to take the money for being closest, so its as good as gambling on anything else.
  8. I have money down on this ending; Walts saves Jesse and kills the nazi's, kills the Grey Matter heads with ricin and confesses to save Skylar, which also allows him to explain himself in his own words rather than anyone else (ego sustained), then finally dying of cancer in custody.
  9. I'm on a serious roll right now Been playing big events for the last 4 weekends in a row, and one more weekend to go!! Major semi-finals set coming up this saturday for the biggest DJ competition in town. Im so amped right now.
  10. I've been accepted to the roster of Girls On Decks, which is a big promoting company in town for all female DJs. Today they released my exclusive mix. I also had my first interview with anyone related to my music! Im on fuckin itunes!! HAHA This shit is so cool!! http://www.girlsondecks.com/2013/04/godcast-3-dj-rabbyt.html
  11. No worries it happens. You should see what happens when my friends and my boss get together. Boss calls me he and my birth name and friends call me she and my new name. So ridiculous. The looks on everyone's faces as the day goes on is priceless.
  12. Im in a much better place now. If you have a beef then by all means go for it. Just throwing my 2 cents in. I understand your not directly talking about me. Don't worry about it, just worry about pronouns
  13. [facepalm] This is nit picking as far as I'm concerned...and pronouns, ungroovy, pronouns!! I thought what Ghent said was enough to drop the subject. I thought what he said was pretty dope considering our history. That meant a lot. Doesn't make us best friends but at least we can respectfully shake hands and call it a day. I thank you ungroovy and shrugging man (still don't remember your name!) for your support, but all I want now is for anything about what happened regarding me to be over. So on the subject of Laura, has she gone through SRS? That's one thing that both excite
  14. Thank you Ghent <3 I look forward to debating you in the future
  15. To Ghent: I honestly appreciate your apology. What you said hurt, but only in the context of the thread. If you recall I didn't get nasty with you and I appreciate the fact you have experience in this area. I got nasty with Thomas, but not you. I know you don't like a lot of the things I have to say; it wasn't shocking that you were there to say so. I appreciate your comment regarding the context of that thread. The only thing I can say about my sanity and expression before I 'came out' is that there is a large amount of depression and social angst involved in the life I have previou
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