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  1. I´ll cover extra costs to get it shipped to Spain but I want one!
  2. If it can be shipped to spain I’m 100% in
  3. Oh god if Jerry Finn was alive what an album nine would have been, imagine this demo produced by Jerry it would sound close to 2003-2004 blink
  4. Oh that markbot alert once again...
  5. After a few more listens I’m still loving this album. You guys can say they are poppier or whatever you want but it has great and catchy songs. Great album. Loving Black rain, no heart to speak of, run away, heaven ,the first time and remember to forget me.
  6. Found the cd on a store in Bilbao Spain and the booklet has no lyrics , two black pages with the song credits...
  7. the guy that touches him is his new guitar tech
  8. Hahahahah You guys are a joke...I like nine but come on Untitled is a masterpiece. I´m glad that they step up their game on nine, another california would have killed this band.
  9. Fuckkkk I had so low expectations and this record is very good!!! Love remember to forget me
  10. Fuck off man...Ten times ahead of the fucking boy band that mark is transforming blink into.
  11. Talking about generic guitar ehem new blink ehem
  12. Can you pm a link? I found the google drive one but it doesnt let met download the full ep thanks in advance
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