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  1. He did a pop punk record with him and produced it
  2. Because you are talking about Devil Delonge haha Its his life why are people so obsessed with him. Its like when he got fat and everybody was so obsessed. Now Skiba looks like shit and it doesnt matter. There is some kind of obsession with Delonge.
  3. Mark said on twich that they talked yesterday...
  4. There he is our little markbot
  5. Man the only one who sucks Marks dick wathever he does is you.
  6. Follow up to what??? I wont be home for christmas is a thousand times better than this shit, pretty forgettable to me.
  7. This is a pop rip off of I miss you hahaha this band is so lost right now...
  8. As much as I like the album I was just listening to neighborhoods. Tom makes this band so much better...
  9. I´ll cover extra costs to get it shipped to Spain but I want one!
  10. If it can be shipped to spain I’m 100% in
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