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  1. Play Dylans video ...watch Tylers sig ....amazing
  2. i'm not taking anything from these performances purely because of who we played and pre-season is always a cock tease saying that wellbeck played amazing in pre-season last year and he had a pretty good season.....however we won fuck all
  3. De gea Rafael vidic evans evra Scholes/carrick Valencia. Young Kagawa Rooney. Van persie Subs Nani chica jones anderson powell ferdinand Thats would be a pretty sweet ling up
  4. i get the feeling that it would be the same situation with berbatov....he won't fit in with the united of policy of playing rooney no matter what i'd love to see him as a united player like.....he was amazing last season
  5. What a terrible first single....what the point in having three albums if there are tracks like this.....god knows what some of the filler tracks will be like
  6. might be old news but valencia got the number 7 shirt for man utd......called this after his game against blackburn
  7. Yep that's us....youre lucky cos a few years ago we would have been throwing cafe chairs at you
  8. one team can completely dominate that how its worked out like that....if you look at the stats in the chelsea v barca semi you would see similar results...it doesn't really represent much as chelsea won the tournament in the end......the only stat the matters in football is the end result
  9. i sold my blink ticket for tonight.......what an idiot
  10. If there was ever a time to sign modric it is now......wouldnt be surprised if bale leaves spurs aswell
  11. They did the same with sneijder last year....the sun pretty mich said the deal was done I hope theyre right.....modric could be our toure
  12. united have done this think of all the money we've made of the red devil stuff.....my bedroom was covered in fred the red stuff when i was a baby haha no red devil red devil and manchester united are the only words liverpool have done the same
  13. this whole outta position thing is bullshit...you're a professional footballer so should be able to show qualities anywhere on a football field henderson is no longer the prospect i thought he would turn out to be.....in a very similar mind to jones....he was pretty average after christmas the only young player i really wish was there is wiltshire....he's just awesome compared to these other "prospects"
  14. i don't think cleverley has shown anything more than what henderson has this reason tbh......adam johnson have proven he can play well for england he defo should have been there i still can't get over how weak this england team looks when we have the likes of carrick, rio, richards and johnson sitting at home
  15. lampard out and henderson in.......why do when now have a load of shit Liverpool players who've had shocking seasons in the england squad haha mental orwell, still behind the team but aint hoping for fuck all now
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