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  1. They fact that they still play shows like this, 15 years later, is absolutely awesome.
  2. Such a great album. For those who haven't watched it, they played Dookie all the way through at Reading last year. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNLXO9Mw6NQ
  3. WIUhockey

    The NHL thread

    Damn. That is pretty scary to see that, considering how young the dude probably is.
  4. WIUhockey

    The NHL thread

    Their PP is pretty legit. I picked them for my streak for the cash tonight and figured I lost when it was 4-1 haha. Plesant surprise.
  5. I was never impressed with this season. The finale was just brutal, imo. Trinity will always be my favorite.
  6. Anyone been keeping up lately? I really haven't been too impressed with this season, considering it is the final one.
  7. Definitely was not expecting that heavy of drumming.
  8. Anyone else see Vogel being a killer, or just me?
  9. I didn't either. Especially when Travis was with Dexter waiting at the school and Travis "sees" him walking in.
  10. Wow. What an intense episode to start the final season. I just hope the rest of the episodes are just as good and not too much filler like the previous season.
  11. WIUhockey

    The NHL thread

    God, I hope this series goes all 7. I'm a huge Hawks fan, and it will probably give me a heart attack, but this series is awesome.
  12. Definitely a good/interesting article. As far as 99 Revolutions being one of the best songs he has ever wrote? He may have still been on drugs when he said that. There are so many songs on just the 3 new albums that are better than that one.
  13. WIUhockey

    The NHL thread

    whoever wins the cup should have an * on it. I personally think they should've cancelled the season when they cancelled the ASG and Winter Classic.
  14. Interesting read. I don't buy the fact they are not playing Thanks for Nothing because "Deryck is sick." He sings every other song except one in a 20+ song set. I had a ton of fun at that Chicago show. The crowd seemed to love Iamdynamite, as well. That was my first time hearing them and I thought they were pretty good.
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