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  1. well, it's NEVER going to get as big or relevant as old blink, it just cant. but i'd say the success of bored to death and soohm so far are going to be as good as it gets. the band is fairly relevant again because of it. something that could have never happened with the neighborhoods type of blink band. mark is going to hold onto this with his life
  2. i think there's no way in hell they try and push themselves to something more musically in depth. and i think mark has exactly what he wants right now, his band is back in the spotlight and are capable of churning out pop hits to the masses again. he just wants to have fun. i'm fully expecting california 2.0 for the next full release
  3. almost the same idea about what i wrote about his identity. he changes himself every 5 years or into a completely different person. he doesn't know who the hell he is
  4. i like to think of it as an identity crisis, from his personality down to the clothing he wears. he had blink for so long, it defined him. he even (kind of) created a persona for it, going way over the top with the things he said and acted etc. so he looses blink and starts AVA. creates a new persona. still raunchy but way more mature. AVA isnt the grammy winning success he had originally planned for so it becomes an "art" project with movies/novels/whatever, taking his identity away from band guy into whatever the hell he's turned into now. then he sells off macbeth, which served as his entire wardrobe for so many years from shirts to shoes. now his identity consists of ford trucker hats and jean jackets, while being an extremis conspiracy theorist. tom doesn't have an identity, he picks a new one every x amount of years to be. whats next may consist of straight jackets in a windowless room
  5. those emails just takes the insanity of tom delonge to a new level for me, which i didn't think was possible. its so sad how delusional he is. who was it saying i dont think blink is still a band but i think he will still do stuff, the assistant?
  6. bennett


    currently at 125 and halfway through lvl 26
  7. thats because he was blackout drunk lol
  8. just colbert, and the colbert youtube channel actually took the performance down which is interesting. apparently mark said they have other tv performances in store. he could have only been referring to the mtv thing they just did though
  9. i thought he was so incredibly perfect. he actually had to tame it down for tv
  10. its just the most incredible show. my friends and i went through it all last year and were ecstatic to hear more were coming. watched the new season yesterday. 1 and 2 were definitely my favorites, probably the most "black mirror" type episodes. normal type of environment with a futurish twist.
  11. was expecting it for a long time now as a comic reader, though i had so much more feels the first time he died at the dumpster because that was truly a surprise. heart wrenching. this was still tough to watch even knowing it was going to happen i remember when the governor was around doing his thing id tell my friends....oh you just wait. and here we are
  12. think ill be getting the pro next month too. dont have a 4k but im sure eventually i will once they come down in price . so ill be ready for it. for now i'll take that extra ram to hopefully smooth things out a bit with framerates
  13. actually other than the website articles that kiss their asses, ive seen 100% negative response around facebook/reddit/whatever else
  14. god damn that was still fantastic
  15. well i do give them a pass for these, i can't imagine how rough it is performing at 7am lol
  16. bingo. thats about it. long live blink-182, the naked joke band i used to listen to back in elementary school. wait they're still a band!?
  17. that's pretty much the entire point of the video haha
  18. i really didnt like it. would have been much better with SOME sort of twist rather than a straight up remake of the running parts. plus its the wmaa video without tom in the band. just doesn't all add up for me. but hey, this is blink in 2016. they're just trying to recapture that nostalgia. the untitled quality was just an aberration in their career
  19. saw this earlier and i LOVE it. too excited for the upcoming 7". buddy said they're working on an album as well
  20. played the pokemon sun demo. im still on the fence about this game. i get that its 2016 and they had to add a lot of extra things to keep the kids interested, but as a core gen 1 pokemon guy running around taking pictures and all of the other extra stuff just really doesnt interest me. i recently played Y and definitely enjoyed it, and want to play the new game to continue that, but idk!
  21. i mean on a marketing standpoint, its incredibly smart. the album is obviously catered to a younger demographic and they pulled an incredibly popular vine star to be in the video. on a im a 26 year old dude standpoint it's lame
  22. she could have at least been informed that its not a new song being released on spotify lol
  23. wow, its 2016 and i just watched a blink video i havent ever seen before. never though i'd be saying that. that was such a pleasure to watch, thanks for posting that. it wasnt too crazily over sped up either like most of what they did back in 04 which was really nice to see
  24. just listened through. the single is a pretty good jam but i just didn't like any other song. though i'm not much of a greenday fan to begin with. however i do appreciate how it sounds compared to the cookie cutter-ness of california
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