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  1. HAAHAAHA! looool ALL YOU EVER DO IS QUOTE PEOPLE!!! it's pissing me off
  2. rember last time tons of shit that ''tom leaked on limewire ectect was it just a scene rls?
  3. i have weather man.... and i would like wyhsb if someone could help me outt?
  4. ive got it..... there is 2 kinds the pic one was the single rls... and the one with the cardboard sleev was a promo.
  5. well there was a ep of when blink were in the show cutebilly 182 is ment to be taken the piss out of ppl with blink182 like profile page names...and chat room users...
  6. i hate these kids to much i almost love them
  7. MFZB-dale-MFZB


    god here we go agein with the fighting topics....i wish something would happen with blink/plus/ava/something in the world that would stop us having so meny fucking fights...
  8. some thing to look forward too
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