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  1. When I Was Young is getting a bit of airplay on radio in Aus.
  2. Fingers crossed it will be up on the aussie iTunes at midnight too. 1 hour and 15 minutes to go!
  3. Dogs Eating Dogs just went up on the NZ iTunes store.
  4. The EP is now available for purchase in New Zealand.
  5. It always says expected for every iTunes pre-order. For example It will be up tomorrow, otherwise I will eat a shoe.
  6. I'm basing it on past iTunes pre-order experiences. I have pre-ordered plenty of things from iTunes in the past and they have all been delivered on the release date in Australian time, generally in the morning. iTunes have the files, it's nothing to do with blink now.
  7. What's the confusion? It's released on the 18th, it will be available from iTunes on the 18th in each respective time zone. It will be available on blink-182.com once it is the 18th in the US. The only thing they could clear up would be what time on the 18th it will be available on blink-182.com It's going to be up on file sharing sites soon after it's released on iTunes for anyone that can't wait.
  8. iTunes releases aren't usually released at midnight in Aus. They are usually up before 10AM though. Things are usually available on the New Zealand store a few hours before Australia, if there are any kiwis here....
  9. Looks like the EP will be released first in New Zealand then.
  10. The same guy posted it there too.
  11. $99 for that, hahahaha. Also, hosted on Modlife. Interesting.
  12. lol, fail thread. Tonight Alive are an Australian pop-punk band who are releasing their first album on Friday. It leaked today and one of the tracks has guest vocals from Mark Hoppus, no one knew he was going to be on the album. The album was produced by Mark Trombino so that's probably how they got the hook up. I'll upload the song to Youtube in a minute. Edit: Here's the song, Mark comes in at 0:59
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