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  1. http://propertyofzack.com/post/629508672/propertyofzack-exclusive-angels-airwaves-update
  2. This is old right? http://adisney.go.com/disneypictures/aliceinwonderland/#/epk/music/ Mark sounds super hot.
  3. Did that guy choose a URL that would fit perfectly across a Youtube video? What a butt fucking ugly URL. So easy to remember! Awesome videos though.
  4. Also the Hallucinations video is being edited and they're aiming to have it available to watch on the download page on the 14th. Critter is cleaning up the last song on the record atm. They're FEDEX'ing the album to Florida tomorrow to get mixed then they get it back next week to upload.
  5. The extended version of LOVE for premium members will include Mark's remix of Hallucinations. It'll also be available to people who donate. Tom just announced it in a cam.
  6. errmmmm. Did you miss the link he posted? It's not his tat. http://www.lamebook.com/forever-lame
  7. I've had my pair for a week now, bought them from Loserkids Australia. Awesome shoe.
  8. Tom said Mark and Travis weren't that interested in it, but that was a few months ago now.
  9. I agree. WDNTW is the better album, but I-Empire has the best single songs.
  10. Travis got a new tat. http://therealmrcartoon.blogspot.com/
  11. Wow. Fuck some of those kids on Modlife are faggots. The shit in the comments on the blink video blog is ridiculous.
  12. lol @ "New" That was taken by thecobrasnake in Milwaukee btw.
  13. Looks like the tour didn't do Tom's back any good. From Modlife.
  14. ohhhh so YOU run blink09. im nikuz ooooh! Hi!
  15. Matt posted this on Modlife ages ago. It's not a new song. It's just Critter fucking around with shit.
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