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  1. Now 40 Cheetah vidz available + splitted them to 4 seasons cause drop down became too high. Please test it if you have some free time. I will appreciate new feature requests.
  2. Added 15 more Cheetah vidz - 25 total now. Will create Live version tomorrow. Played with myspace - sorry, there's no way to put player there Too high security level.
  3. Can anybody reUpload "Feeling This" to http://axifile.com/ cause the links above are dead Had WMAA for ages, "cha cha cha" in the end of the song rox!
  4. Oh, I guess myspace deny JavaScript execution, so there's no way to put player there. Well..I will try to make the hack for it
  5. Oh, sorry if I used wrong section. Probably moderators will change section.
  6. Hi guys, just created Blink 182 Video Player! You can use it on you own pages or anywhere else Right now there are 10 first Cheetah videos, but I'll add much more soon, stay tuned. Any comment & suggestions are welcome! Blink 182 Video Player URL: http://www.ufo182.com Viva la Blink!!!
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