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  1. I understand that, but to not even reschedule or do an acoustic gig or something is bollocks.
  2. This is fucking wank! I'm so annoyed, don't even get a chance of a rescheduled show. Fucking joke.
  3. Hello boys, I'm back for a while now that uni is finished. That would be good against smaller sides, but I fear for the midfield against better teams.
  4. Five of the eight European semi-finalists are Spanish. Amazing - such talent in one country.
  5. How do you say squeaky bum time in spanish? Madrid are feeling the heat, I'd love it to come down to the Clasico in the league and Champs League.
  6. Very interesting thing I noticed today. People always complain that La Liga is rubbish because it's a 2 team league and the Prem is much better...uh: 00-01: Real Madrid / Man Utd 01-02: Valencia / Arsenal 02-03: Real Madrid / Man Utd 03-04: Valencia / Arsenal 04-05: Barcelona / Chelsea 05-06: Barcelona / Chelsea 06-07: Real Madrid / Man Utd 07-08: Real Madrid / Man Utd 08-09: Barcelona / Man Utd 09-10: Barcelona / Chelsea 10-11: Barcelona / Man Utd
  7. Whilst I would love to see Hazard in the Prem, I don't see Man Utd as the right place for him. He thrives in that CAM/Second Striker role in a 4-2-3-1 / 4-2-1-3 style team, and I can't see Fergie changing his system for one player. Arsenal is very likely if RVP leaves, or Chelsea should they bring in a new manager before he goes.
  8. People laughed when I said Fergie is tactically naive in Europe. His boys just got smashed by El Loco and his Basque national team. Incredible. Also, for a two-team league, Bilbao are something alright.
  9. Hazard can't play that role. He is a very attacking midfielder/second striker.
  10. I know right. if Man Utd got a 10 point deduction they'd be...3rd - 5 points clear of 4th.
  11. I haven't posted here in ages, been lost in uni work. But the huns are in administration so JELLY AND ICE CREAM FOR EVERYONE!
  12. Gaitan deal off it looks like. All MUFC journo's saying that United never had any interest in purchasing him.
  13. The lad is pure, pure class. he just oozes quality when he's on the ball. If we can get a goal scorer with: Dempsey - Dembele - Ruiz behind them we could be an awesome mid-table team.
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