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  1. When I saw blink live last month, the mix was like in all the YouTube videos, you could hear nothing but bass. The only time I could hear Skiba's guitar was during the intros for songs with no bass. I've never heard the intro for Anthem butchered so badly.
  2. Based on the Birmingham show, this would be my set. They need to ditch the way the set runs pretty much the same as it has the past 5 years, and get rid of old Tom songs that aren't as big and sing Mark or new songs. Cynical Bored to Death Rockshow Anthem Part Two/Online Songs What's my age again? First Date/Stay together for the Kids Built this Pool Down Waggy/Josie She's out of her mind Kings of the Weekend/Los Angeles Violence/Stockholm Syndrome Happy Holidays Parking Lot Misery/Sober Don't leave me/Wendy
  3. I went to Birmingham. I can't believe how well the new songs were received. Think Cynical had the biggest reaction other than ATST. i think they should add another 3-5 songs to the set, some older Mark songs and some new Skiba songs. They were on for such a short length of time, and there was no communication or talking to the crowd. They seemed to just want to fly through the songs and get off that stage quick as possible. It was fun, but probably the worst blink show I've been too. Reading in 2010 was the best.
  4. Feldman - "I like the singer to track no more than a 16 bar section". No wonder they can't pull the songs off live.
  5. Tom will be making money from California and the tour 100%. He's a stakeholder in blink-182. The record has sold a million times better than a +44 album would because it's blink-182. They're able to tour in huge arenas because it's blink-182. They're touring and releasing as blink-182, which to some degree Tom will have ownership rights of. Unless Tom broke a clause from a contract he signed by refusing to record, I'm dead certain he'll be making money from any new blink, unless he was bought out.
  6. Bored to Death has grown on me, I didn't like that song at the start, but enjoy it now. I love Hey I'm Sorry, Sober and San Diego. Cynical is good but I've overplayed it, along with Kings of the Weekend. The rest are okay, happy to listen to them in the car or at the gym, but I don't find myself choosing to listen to them.
  7. Yeah, you fuckin' faggot go eat some herpes dick
  8. They definitely recorded with Feldman because they wanted it to be commercially successful. They booted Tom out, new member, a lot of people wanted to write them off, but they got a number one album out of it. The way they released it to radio DJs first showed the tactics. They could have thought fuck it and put a song up on their website for everyone after all the delays to announce the new blink, but no. I love the album though. I was so negative about it before it came out after the first three songs were released, but I actually really like it. 5 or so really good songs. The hate
  9. I don't like this album as much as the other blink albums because the songs aren't as good. San Diego and Cynical are the only good songs. The production is ok, at least it's a different sound. As long as the next albums continue an evolution in sound I'll be happy. If it's another 15 songs churned out like this I'll be annoyed.
  10. Do they have any more shows before the tour starts? I'd expect if there are a few days spare before the tour kicks off they'll do some full California tour rehearsals with some new songs. I remember they said they loved figuring out the live arrangements for Bored To Death when they rehearsed that. I'd be amazed if they play loads of songs off the album but surely they'll play 6 songs at least including the 2 joke songs. If they play that set list for the tour then that's awful, but I'd be really surprised if they do.
  11. I finally listened to the album... I really enjoyed it, I thought it was going to suck but I loved it. Those shitty lyric videos really turned me off the songs they released before the album came out. I still think Bored To Death is the weakest song, I just don't like it. Home is such a lonely place just made me want to scream with or without you in the chorus but I really like the rest of the songs so far. I've only listened to it once so it may grow/fade on me but it's an enjoyable listen. It sounds completely different to any other blink, lots of subtle
  12. I haven't listened to it yet, I'm waiting for the album to arrive in the post. Please tell me driving 3am with the searchlights shining down made it onto the album?!
  13. Wow, that was actually good, I liked that one!!!
  14. I don't think the new blink album will be for me based on these songs so far, but if other people like it good for them.
  15. So the album tour is seeing a grand total of two new songs being played that we haven't heard live before? And three full songs in total off the album. Isn't that fewer than when Neighborhoods dropped? Mark really hates playing new material.
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