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  1. if no one has volunteered yet, I could add some really cool background/synth to the song
  2. damn... thanks guys. its really nice to have read alot of your comments back. i honestly appreciate it alot
  3. thanks guys. i'm so fucking weirded out about it, cause like 2 months ago the same thing almost happened to me (overdose). and i probably should have told him what an overdose is and how you overdose. incase you guys want to know a little of what happened.... we used to smoke (heroine) alot together, and i got caught so im in this outpatient rehab thing now. and he promised he'd quite too. but we'd been smokin for like a year so we'd both built up a tolerance. he relapsed on wednesday night (smoked again), but what he didnt realize was that he lost the tolerance, so what he thought he n
  4. My friend Danny passed away a few nights ago, and we are having a candle ceremony at his house tomorrow night. I wrote some words about it all, and just wanted to get some feedback. I'm thinking about getting this printed on little card things, and handing them out to serve as a reminder in honor of Danny. any feedback? or anything anyone would change before i hand them out? or is that even a good idea? "Your smile was the best one on this planet And all I can hope Is that we never forget There's this crowd of people, all tied up Their loose lives and open doors Just a
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