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  1. bwcs182

    blink live songs

    This is amazing.
  2. bwcs182

    blink live songs

    i dont know wat the problem is with me asking a question? i am a huge fan and listen to a lot of blink and a lot of their live stuff. i have just never heard those songs live before. i found a couple tho. i dont really need videos but just a response would be fine. so Pat u can FUCK OFF! i did think of a couple more tho. what about "not now" or "dont tell me that its over" those would be cool...thanx
  3. bwcs182

    blink live songs

    yea ok i just found give me one good reason and roller coaster... but ive never heard always 4 sure...
  4. bwcs182

    blink live songs

    are there any newer songs that blink NEVER played live? from like enema on? here is the list that i came up with: the party song online songs story of a lonely guy roller coaster give me one good reason shut up always here's your letter lost without you i havent seen/heard any of those. if anyone has it would be cool to know...