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  1. So, does anybody know where I can download all the episodes that aren't on iTunes?
  2. I found this on punkdisasters.com: The San Diego accountant accused of defrauding the former front man of the pop punk band blink-182, Mark Hoppus, and his wife, Skye, out of a $600,000 investment was cleared of all charges by a San Diego Superior Court jury. Louis Tommasino, charged with fraud and breach of fiduciary duty, was represented by San Diego Kline dinst attorneys Heather Rosing and Matt Smith. The Hoppuses filed a lawsuit in 2006 alleging Tommasino defrauded the pair out of their investment by failing to disclose his involvement with Encinitas company Missicom, a family-run business that told investors it was developing self-service cashier terminals for McDonald’s restaurants. Missicom, the couple alleged, had solicited more than $1.5 million from prominent public figures for their own gain, diverting investor funds into their own pockets. Tommasino, who acted as a business manager for the Hoppuses, was given a small amount of shares in exchange for his bookkeeping work at Missicom, according to attorneys representing both sides. But the Klinedinst attorneys said they were able to prove that the Hoppuses knew the Missicom father-and-son team Ed and Jeff Mitchell prior to their investment in Missicom, through previous business connections. Smith said the jury found Tommasino to be forthcoming about his involvement in the company to the couple “We were just very happy with the jury’s decision,†Smith said. “It was the right result and a relief with our client who’s had to deal with this case for two years.†The Hoppuses are still seeking unspecified damages in a pending lawsuit against the Mitchells. http://www.sdbj.com/industry_article.asp?aID=51713068.29648602.1708655.2729396.1756693.307&aID2=131426
  3. Thanks for posting the download, it's quite good. But what is the song that plays at the start of track 5? I've been trying to find it but I don't know what it's called.
  4. I think I read it on Wikipedia, but isn't there a new album that's having trouble getting released?
  5. Thanks for all the replys. Could somebody explain why he was pain meds? I know something about him playing his guitar too low, but that's it really.
  6. Thanks for the help. I might as well try, and if I don't get a reply I'm not bothered.
  7. Hi, Has Tom DeLonge ever actually used the quote in the title to describe angels & Airwaves? I've seen people say it before, but is that something he said or just making fun of his thoughts on how great AVA would be?
  8. Hi, Is there an address for sending fanmail to Mark? Also is there any chance of a reply?
  9. If you've still got the signed WYHSB album or book, then please PM me your e-mail, or send me an e-mail. I can't get my PM's to send for some reason. Thanks
  10. GTAndyM

    Live audio?

    Beer, if you PM me your e-mail we can talk. I've tried sending you a PM, but it won't work.
  11. I want to send a message to Beer.
  12. I've tried sending somebody a PM, but it won't work. I put in the security code, at the top and bottom, but when I press send it just takes to the page to write the message again with new codes. I put in the write code, because I could read it clearly and I listened to it and it matched what I'd written. Anybody know what's wrong?
  13. Hi, I was bored so I made some videos. Their Tom and Mark's voices through the years, from Cheshire Cat, to their most recent album. I'd appreciate if you could reply, or comment on the videos. The link to my account with them both is http://www.youtube.com/user/GTAndyM
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