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  1. Synic918

    Raven RG60

    Ahh, alright thanks for clearing it up man. I'll keep looking!
  2. Synic918

    Raven RG60

    Ah thanks for that.. That's so odd though, as I read a lot of reviews promoting their sturdiness. One on Ultimate Guitar even said his amp had fallen from the back of his truck and still worked fine. Maybe it's kind of hit and miss?
  3. Synic918

    Raven RG60

    As some may remember, I've been looking for an amp for quite some time now. I recently took a trip to Guitar Center and tried out a couple, and I'm really leaning towards the RG60 now. Sixty watts, solid state, should be enough to be heard over drums correct? I'm playing Chesire style pop punk and 80's hardcore.. The only thing that'd make it better is if they hadn't put the rhythm channel in as I can't remember playing clean in the past 6 months at all. So what do you guys think? Extremely affordable..
  4. Synic918

    Basic Amp

    Damn.. I really would prefer a tube amp. I'm in no mood for a modeling amp after my previous amps. I never thought it would be this hard to find an amp with such basic requirements..
  5. Synic918

    Basic Amp

    Terribly sorry, this ancient computer doesn't always cooperate. The Peavey Classic might work. I've never owned a tube amp so would 30 watts be ok for practice and home use? Or would I need a volume attenuator? And also, looking at some reviews it seems to be built for a lot of Led Zepplin type rock. Would this produce decent enough distortion for punk(not just pop) without a pedal?
  6. Synic918

    Basic Amp

    Isn't the Vypyr basically a Line 6 Spider amp? I mean, I honestly only need one channel, and all those effects would go to waste.
  7. Synic918

    Basic Amp

    Band practice mainly, maybe small shows.
  8. Synic918

    Basic Amp

    I'm having a hard time finding a decent basic amp. I know Line 6 and Peavey has some popular stuff for around $300 but I don't need a single effect, just solid distortion and volume. Are there any recommendations around that price, something loud enough for drums?
  9. Yeah that's why I abandoned the thought of I'm Sorry as a single over time.
  10. If you care to reread my original post, you'll see that I never mentioned their popularity. The thread was created to discuss people's different opinions on what they thought the singles should've been off Dude Ranch if they didn't agree with Dammit and/or Josie. And yes, Dick Lips and Apple Shampoo were singles. I was thinking videos while typing the original post, so my bad for not clarifying. But yeah, they totally count.
  11. Anyone else think the label could've handled them a bit better when it came to singles? Dammit of course deserved to be the first, but there were at least a few better songs than Josie, and there were definately enough good songs for a third single. I thought I'm Sorry should've been a single at first but my mind has changed a bit over time. Dammit, Enthused, and Emo would've been perfect to me, but def at least one Tom song. I'd be kind of pissed as Tom if after two albums none of my songs were singles, and only one was after the third album.
  12. Alright, sweet. Thanks much to both of you guys.
  13. I read that Tom got to use the same amp that Brett did from Bad Religion (I have to assume he meant the Stranger Than Fiction amp). Any idea of which one it was? I love the tone on both, Cheshire, and STF. I heard it might've been a Marshall JCM 800 or 900 but not completely sure.
  14. Jesus christ, some of you people are fucking dicks.. I don't get the point of posting just to not help somebody. What kind of guitar are you using?
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