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  1. They weren't on until 1AM here in the East when the previously recorded part 2 show aired. So they'll be on for you in a bit. I was getting mad watching too because there was no mention of blink until around midnight.
  2. Just played The Rock Show. I thought UAN sounded great!
  3. Really enjoy all of your covers, Odi! Keep up the good work!
  4. "Tom has complained previously that having so many different lawyers, managers, publicists etc. around the band has caused communication issues between you guys at points over the last few years and was part of the reason you guys split in 2005. What kind of difficulties does this create on a day to day basis as well as in terms of the bands overall ability to communicate effectively? Could you see yourselves combining some of these aspects (managers etc.) of the band or are you guys at the point where these types of things are necessary for the band to exist?"
  5. Yeah, I think they gotta do something between now and the European tour next summer to further promote the record. I could see them doing a short arena tour for a month or so in late winter/early spring.
  6. http://89xradio.com/downloads.htm Here's an interview with Mark and Tom. Not sure if its been posted yet or not.
  7. They've been playing HAG on my local radio station here in metro Detroit in this Peoples' Choice every night where they pit two songs up against each other and listeners vote on the winners. I think its won five nights in a row so far and it seems like people are enjoying it, so it definitely could be a single I think. Although, I'd rather have GOTDF, AM, Even If She Falls or Wishing Well be the next one.
  8. Could someone PM me a link please?
  9. Don't post much, but thought I would comment about my experience. My theater was surprisingly packed. I thought there might be 10-15 people tops. Seemed like people expected something completely different than what they got though. I thought the film was okay, had pretty low expectations for it, kind of got lost by the second half. Thought it was an interesting idea, but just not the type of movie I like. Performance was pretty disappointing, too much emphasis on Tom's singing, should of included guitar/bass. Have to agree that the clip with the horse was really funny!
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