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  1. April 27th Detroit, all signed up for the soundcheck too!
  2. My mom knows most of the their songs and can sing a long to them as well, but she hates Tom. haha. My dad despises them ever since I left a burned CD in his truck a few years ago that contained most of blink's joke songs. He said he couldn't believe that I listened to music like that. lol.
  3. After watching all the songs they played I thought they put on a great performance. Tom's voice sounds great to me, I think peoples expectations are a little bit too high concerning this though. They looked like they were having good time too which is awesome.
  4. Seeing Travis smile during WMAA was awesome.
  5. As far as I know the Detroit show is completely seated.
  6. August 22nd in Detroit at DTE. So stoked!!!
  7. I got two seats this morning for the Detroit show at DTE Energy Theatre, great seats too. They are on Tom's side of the stage about nine rows back. I paid $175 for both.
  8. Mark just twittered: "Good blink-182 rehearsal today. Added josie and not now. Gonna be a long set!" Sweet!!
  9. Where are your seats at? I could only find seats on the far right and left sides of DTE.
  10. At the Detroit show they haven't opened up the highest price level seating yet, so I'm not sure what to do.
  11. I know this is the wrong band, but I also thought it was pretty random that during tonight's Cavs/Magic game they were playing Cat Like Thief after a commercial break. It was pretty cool.
  12. Jeff08

    Blink tats

    Some of those are crazy especially the AVA one with the wings on the shoulders. I'd like to get one, but it would have to be small and concealable, so that I can get a job one day. I'm also afraid that I might one day regret it or it won't turn out the way I want it to.
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