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  1. Perseverance pays off, I was ready to call it a day and try again tomorrow. I must have refreshed every 30 seconds for almost 2 hours.
  2. Im doing the triple header, Montreal Friday (Floor) Toronto the next day Section 202 and then again in Toronto on the 22, section 302. It will be my 4th 5th and 6th time seeing them. And to think this time last year we all thought it was gone forever. praise jebus. Thanks for the heads up, when I saw your post I was a hot mess. I was scrambling like Mohammed Ali, my hands were all over the keyboard.
  3. tickets are still avaliable for the american express pre sale but who in canada has AMEX.......like 200 people. so dumb
  4. touche, but its weird that they didnt have the normal presale screen up. they only had the 20 dollar presale. who knows what the hell is going on
  5. himynameismark. if you read the paragraph its says 12:01 so im just guessing they're gonna have tickets then
  6. I think they are delaying the presale to 12:01 for the no fee Wednesday promo.
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