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  1. Becuase Tom writes more? Since blink broke up Tom has made 3 records with one coming up and a full length movie including a soundtrack where mark has made 1 album and is hosting a talk show.
  2. Thanks to the mods for putting my post in here, I still stand by the fact that it wasnt a stupid topic tho
  3. TaylorH


    Thanks didnt even notice this section
  4. TaylorH


    Hey guys, im not sure if this belongs here or the promote your site area so sorry if its the wrong place, anyway im pretty new on this forum but I just wanted to share these vids with u guys and get feedback/ thoughts/ critiques/ vibes etc. They are from our 4th practice as an entire band so of course there is tons of room for improvement but yea just wanted to hear your thoughts. I am the singer/guitarist btw Abandoned Crush Angel Thanks
  5. If you consider AVA as a sideproject its a pretty amazing thing, considered as a real band tho, kind of a joke
  6. My opinion on LOVE is the opening is really great and the closing is really great, its the middle that gets boring IMO. Clever Love honestly is just bad, really bad boring unnecesary song. Moon Atomic is ok I enjoy listening to it but I think its pretty bland, kinda reminds me of Give Me Novocaine by Green Day. But yea after Clever Love when Soul Survivor comes on in my opinion the album is saved, that song is so amazingly epic, the chorus is unlike anything Tom has ever written, Letters To God 2 is really great too IMO when that guitar riff kicks in its really amazing, and SOOF is really great, the one line "cold unbearable lifes so terrible" makes the whole song in my opinon, I dno why its just such a great line. And the last riff in the song is also unlike anything Tom has done
  7. I think Toms writing style is pretty much exactly the same, he's still using the same chord structures that he has always used, for example A B C# D and B A# F# A# I think it's just what he writes the songs about that has changed, and the production.
  8. ever hear of a love-hate relationship?
  9. That took you 6 months to figure out? I love AVA, but for the most part, I agree with almost all of this. However, I don't hate AVA for it, I just enjoy blink much more Lol yea I love AVA too thats why its wierd... like even though they suck and I hate them I still love them even with their faults... and they do have some amazing material... Im just starting to really miss Blink I guess
  10. Ok this is my opinion on AVA.... basically the bottom line is that they SUCK. Like seriously suck ass a terrible band...this is the reality of the situation. I say this after having been really into them for the past like 6 months and listening to their albums consistently and watching their documentary extensively. The real problem is that every song is the same song....its the same chord structure in every single song literally, im not even exagerating... theres alot of good ideas and there are a couple of really great songs, The last 3 songs off Love are pretty amazing... but the real problem is that its not a band...its Tom and his bitches....the other members of this band are some of the lamest people I have ever seen, they have absolutely zero personality and are basically just Toms personal bitches, im sure they are only in the band because of the financial security and im sure its super fun to hang with Tom etc but they dont contribute anything musically. Tom is such an egotistical asshole and this is his strength, its what people love about him and one of the main reasons blink was so successful, but he needs someone like Mark who is going to tell him to shut the fuck up and bring him back to earth... Blink really needs to be Toms priority...and the whole movie concept....its just a stupid idea....wtf dude, my theory is that it is Toms midlife crisis... A band is what happens when different people come into a space and all contribute equally...thats why Blink is so amazing because every member is an individual and brings something to the table... like ya blink uses the same progression in every song too but somehow the songs still manage to have a different energy... everything in AVA sounds the same and has the exact same vibe after 3 albums it gets seriously old... godammit fuck this band OK that was my rant I know it wasnt really the best written thing in the world but I needed to get this off my chest
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