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  1. Has there been any quality audio/video from this tour yet?
  2. Ghent...I don’t mean to be rude, but as someone who has followed this forum since it early days, I feel as though you are extremely negative when it is not called for . Other than that, I have nothing but respect for you
  3. I have to give it to you. You can be such an insufferable dickhead
  4. Somewhere Tom is smiling. Maybe he will release a new song today to compete
  5. Unfortunately, that ship has sailed and I dont think their pride will allow it to
  6. Jesus...21 seconds in and this song makes ANY song on Neighborhoods sound heavy
  7. Cant wait to see what the Major(rolling stone/Spin/MTV..etc) reviews of this shitty album will be. They have been pretty critical of AVA in the past...Hopefully they roast it
  8. I really hope how badly the album SUCKS gets back to him. Maybe he will realize that we as a fan base will not tolerate this garbage
  9. Does anyone have good audio bootlegs from the 2009 tour?
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