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  1. I just feel like he set the bar too high with I Think I’m Okay last year and then songs like Hollywood Whore on his last album were a good mix of rap and rock. Where this album just feels like he was trying too hard to create a generic pop-punk album. Still a good album and going to keep listening to it but just think it could have been better.
  2. Was really looking forward to the MGK album but was pretty disappointed to be honest. Wasn’t bad but just found it boring except for Bloody Valentine. Going to give it another listen and hope there’s a few growers on there.
  3. Yeah Mark didn’t seem too amused when he asks Tom to show the camera a guitar lick and Tom just starts licking his lips. Wasn’t it also that Japan tour where Mark had to tell Tom on stage to stop talking and get on with the song?
  4. Missed the start and got to go to sleep soon, anyone know if Twitch stuff can be watched afterwards?
  5. Would love a DM to the full song, if possible, please. Received, thanks!
  6. I remember an episode of Sabrina The Teenage Witch using All The Small Things for some montage or something. Homes Under The Hammer (BBC daytime property show) has used ATST as well.
  7. I was at the Manchester gig on 3rd December 2004. Was only 12 years old, my dad had to take me and my brother and he still complains about it to this day. Barely remember a thing about it though annoyingly. Don't know if it's something about being stood in the same spot for two hours straight but I have a hard time remembering details of gigs.
  8. Was called All The Small Things. I’ve got it on DVD actually and know a lot of people that worked on it. A bit cringey but I still love that the BBC made a drama about a kid obsessed with Blink and got the local choir singing Blink songs. Might try watching it again during lockdown!
  9. Cool video, enjoyed it. Apart from Blink and MGK I didn't notice anyone famous. Who else is in it?
  10. No, I completely agree, always felt the same when it comes to Blink's eras'
  11. The song's okay, nothing amazing. Fun video. My main two issues are- more slow verses. You could swap the verses of so many of Blink's recent songs (including California) and the songs would still work/sound the same. They just focus so much more on choruses these days. Also, why one one music video for Nine but the random Christmas song gets one? Would much rather be getting videos for the new album.
  12. Run Away is probably my overall favourite song on Nine. Lyrically it’s not the best but just really enjoy the chorus, especially Mark’s part in the last chorus. Love it.
  13. I know and I enjoy it live but it’s just not a good choice to play to casual fans at festivals. Especially as the big encore song.
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