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  1. Everytime I Look For You Never realized blink was spelling it wrong.
  2. Every Time I Look for You I absolutely love the verses but I feel like the chorus drags the song down.
  3. Diddy, I always liked you but after this, I don't know haha. If asked what is the quintessential blink song, I always go with Feeling This or Man Overboard.
  4. You are such a dumbass. People support the UN and WHO because they are organizations that try to do good. Are there issues with them? Of course there are. But what have you and your conspiracy theorist contributed to this world besides creating YouTube videos for the lowest intelligence levels, instantly becoming an expert on the subject and are the only ones who "know the truth?"
  5. You are taking a deep dive into Floyd! I haven't listened to Atom Heart Mother in years. But yeah, the older I get, the more it solidifies that I think they are the best classic rock band. 100% agree with you about trying to appeal commercially. When Mark says "I'm so happy for the death of genres"... No, Mark. You are just using that as an excuse in your quest to become FOB and PATD and completely cross over to pop music.
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