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  1. TONY PLUSH! Aaaaahhhhhh!!! Aside from the fact that every game is going to put me into cardiac arrest, I'm very much looking forward to the NLCS.
  2. I thought it was a great interview. And wow, some people are over analyzing this interview a bit much. Remember, this is an interview, not a sit down with a psychologist...
  3. god this interviewer is a 'tard
  4. ahhh, yeah. i don't know how i managed to not read that one
  5. that's an awesome video. travis and his dad are such nice guys. (why don't you use the embedded youtube video feature we added?) >http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mW4e0t3KehI
  6. it's definitely fake (i think). it was posted as news on absolutepunk.net and then takin down a very short while later, no where to be found. so i'm assuming that means it is fake, as a lot of you have been saying
  7. i've never seen it before...so thanks, it was enjoyable seeing Tom be fun for once
  8. links no worky for me. can you fix 'em? i wanna see this
  9. so weird not seeing Tom there playin that song....
  10. holy shit, that's quite the collection up there. i started something like that a while ago but gave up after a while. never got close to anything like that though!
  11. oh golly, i remember the good ole days of bRB. at one point i was missing like 5 releases or something that and had served over 400 gigs of shit
  12. i chuckled a few times, but i agree...this "re-lyricing animation" thing is old, and so is making fun of emo i mean just look at the description left by the author i don't even get what he's saying
  13. tom and his kids, that's a good picture. i haven't seen pictures of his kids in a while
  14. JrDave2324


    gah, i never thought there be so much drama surrounding any member of Blink. it really disappoints me. and to go along with what everyone else has already said. it doesn't matter who's in the "band" with Tom. everything is about him, so it's gonna sound the same regardless
  15. it's really sad to me how tom is ruining his reputation and just flat out annoying even his biggest fans. he's the one who made me start listening to this kinda music and playing guitar, and i used to be proud to say that...but not anymore. he needs to shut his mouth and remember why people like(d) him in the first place. why does he have to care and try so effin hard? i know he's always cared, but this is too over the top for tom delonge
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