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  1. 4 minutes ago, JarJarBlinks said:

    I'm right here with you 110%.  Tom re-joining is my nightmare because he WILL stymie and fuck the band up again. 

    It has just been proven to be a dysfunctional combo at this point. I really don't thinkt it will happen either way. Both camps seem much happier without each other

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  2. Just now, Ghent said:

    Oh yeah, I forgot about that third song which was actually good. Those first two though. Man, just awful. That had to have been over a year. What is this guy doing?

    Apart from all his ufo crap i'm pretty sure splitting with his wife has taken up some of his time. 

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  3. 2 minutes ago, Ghent said:

    I would be fine if Mark and Travis moved on without Skiba. He helped save the band, played his role great, but it may be coming time to part ways.

    That might be the case. I just hope that, if they move on without skiba, they part on good terms.

    Also i hope tom does not rejoin

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  4. mark's biggest problem i think is that he want's the fans to like him and what blink puts out too much. he tries too hard to please the fans instead of just let his creativity drag him where it wants. marks most brilliant moments were when he had nothing to lose...


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  5. 17 hours ago, theedge00 said:

    Doesn't sound necessarily exciting, just same old AVA...

    The issue with this band is that Tom’s voice isn’t that dynamic, kinda sounds the same in every song. Being the only vocalist in the band, that’s a problem. The same applies to his guitar work. It all sounds so similar, nothing interesting going on.

    Then, to cover that up, he uses spaceship special FX sounds.  Which ironically seems the only thing he likes to experiment with.


    View from below and Rebel girl are basically the same song, i agree

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  6. 15 minutes ago, Feeling_This_1 said:

    Tom had no balls when he quit twice. He changed his phone number and paid someone to tell Mark and Travis to not contact him. The band obviously gave up on confronting him face to face since it doesn't work. Tom asks for an impossible situation, he claims he wants to make records and tour but only work like 4 hours a week at his convenience. He is such a con man, his lies constantly contradict each other. 

    he writes good songs though

  7. 2 hours ago, Russel Coight said:

    Telling me to lighten up just because you can’t refute anything I said is super weak dude. There was nothing aggravating, insulting or non-light about my post. I just responded to what you said.

    You’re behaving like Oliver would when discussing things here. Congratulations.

    Just calling a spade a spade dude


    In all seriousness, I don't know where all the heat comes from. i just wanted to say that it felt like a lighthearted discuossion to me, and you suddenly got really defensive and kinda angry. i might have misread that, sorry. Most of my points in this discussion where exagerated on purpose, making fun of the arguement itself, sorry if that was not clear



  8. 1 hour ago, Russel Coight said:

    to the bold that literally happened on neighbourhoods. This isn't new. Tom didn't touch Hearts All Gone. It's not something that has just happened for the first time now with Matt. So again if you want to imply Skiba isn't an equal member of the band because of that reason then you gotta say the same about Tom. Fair is fair.

    Mark obviously just wants to write and release music as blink-182 and has changed his opinions on what recording/writing needs to be to be blink-182. I mean fuck wasn't that interview like 15 years ago? A fuck ton can change in that time. It has for me and i'm sure it has for you too. Why can't it for Mark too?

    I think finally not taking Tom's shit anymore and accepting his resignation/kicking him out and replacing him with Skiba was ballsy as fuck and not something a spineless worm would do.

    1. Lighten up dude

    2. If tom/rick wouldn't have sendt the tom.is.out mail tom would still be in blink. Mark wouldn't have had the balls to do it himself.  He has not talked to tom for months in person before he quit, yet he acted all big guy once the seal was broken like it was his idea. Typical worm behaviour. Confronting tom face to face Bout the issue would have been brave. I bet at that get together they had after DED mark was silent as a mouse...


  9. 26 minutes ago, Russel Coight said:


    He already went back on this with neighbourhoods lmao. Or was Tom just not seen as an equal member of the band either?

    First he didnt want to record with the whole band in different places at all,  now he doesnt even care if a third of the band is involved or not.... Who knows, maybe durig the next album he'll be okay with having space companies and writing childrens books too?

    Mark is just a spineless worm. I love him for that but it's hard to watch sometimes.  Thats why +44 was such a great thing for him. He was the main man, the guy in charge and i think it did wonders for him.  Too bad tom came back and mark crawled back into his shell again.


  10. "We told him if we were going to record the album separately, in different studios, our band was ceasing to be a BAND.  The magic in the studio is created when the three of us are there TOGETHER, working on parts, discussing, sometimes arguing, all pushing the album forward" - Mark Hoppus, biggest hypocrite in blink history


    ...oooooor skiba is just not seen as an equal member

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  11. 7 hours ago, Ghent said:

    Without Matt, the latest blink release is DED in 2012. Who can honestly say that they wish blink died after DED? Who posting here can say they prefer NOTHING to what has happened since DED? 8 years people. It’s not like Tom has been begging to come back.

    Thank you Matt!

    The last blink release i enjoyed was back in 2012. I would've prefered a hiatus after that instead of the new material we got, but that's just my personal opinion and i'm glad a lot of people get to enjoy the new material..

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