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  1. 4 minutes ago, Ry-Bread said:

    Part 2 Notes, now over:

    -TTSA explanation
    -He brought out first 3 declassified UFO videos, assembled team of high ranking officials
    -Why aren’t there better UFO pictures? “There are. But sometimes the technology that takes the picture we don’t want people to know, so it’s classified. Or like we weren’t supposed to be over Russia.”
    -The idea that there is something here millions of years more advanced than us would terrify us. Humans may not be alone or in charge.
    -Within next 3-5 years you’ll hear rumblings of congressional hearings, then on a public level they’ll have to act on that
    -Totally advises against Area 51 thing, people can get hurt. There are good reasons for secrets
    -We need to change the law
    -Is it possible you’re crazy? “I couldn’t even tell the guys in blink, they  got really upset with me because I couldn’t do the things they wanted to do. Now it’s coming out that hey this guy’s not really crazy. It’s scary.”
    -New album and feature film come out together, we’re looking at probably right after the first of the year

    sorry if i get this wrong but does " after the first of the year " basically mean anyday of the year?

  2. 3 hours ago, Russel Coight said:

    I’d rip it and reupload it first bro. He’s quick to make things private when he can’t hide behind his excuses 

    Will do, r/guitarists as well, since aparently me and anybody on here knows nothing about guitar.

    I'll need olivers permission first though as it is not my content.

    Is that ok for you ?@Donald Trump's Bulge

  3. Just now, Ghent said:

    But you still haven't mastered guitar tuning. Interesting.

    Just the fact that a lot of his videos he posted have out if tune guitars shows that he is just a paint by numbers guy on guitar with no clue about the instrument at all

    Stick to  drums dude, it suits you better

  4. Lol tom and skiba played guitar on a daily basis for the majority of their lives, yet some creepy prick has the delusion he is somewhat better at the instrument because he learned how to play songs he likes.

    @Donald Trump's BulgeBulge you learned the correct order of notes of those songs you performed in your video. You played them like shit. Fact. Tom or skiba would play those songs better then you in 45 minutes.

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  5. 3 minutes ago, Bucko said:

    Can you answer my post above.

    What happened after you were caught peeping??? did they just do one, or did they come a knocking at your door?

    Ignore the Skiba shit, this is more interesting.

    pretty sure they were just hanging out there and oliver thought they were robing because they're black

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  6. On 7/8/2019 at 2:41 PM, Kay said:

    Okay here's the deal -

    You can't replicate the environment Skiba has on stage, so you'll never be able to compare yourself.

    if you do this, we will watch it, and will either laugh / mock you for it, or point out you made a good effort but it doesn't matter as it isn't the same.

    either way it's a lot of effort on your part for no reason, because I cannot stress this enough : you will not prove anything to anyone here. 

    If you want to waste your time crack on, I will eat popcorn and watch and probably comment on it, but you do this with the full knowledge that it won't change anyones mind and that they'll probably dick on you for it. okay? and if you get mad or call everyone knobs or claim you've won or whatever, well you've been warned of the outcome. 

    there's literally no point. 


    spot on prediction. amazing

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  7. 8 hours ago, Donald Trump's Bulge said:



    you hit the right notes on the guitar, but the way it's played that solo is completely useless. super boring to listen to.

    great groove on drums though!


    EDIT: every single clip has decent enough audio. how the fuck did you end up with such a mess of audio on your stream? I'm sorry dude, but I'm pretty sure you messed with it on purpose to hide something....

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  8. lol at the locked thread.

    to be fair @Donald Trump's Bulge, you don't know how well skiba would perform in the comfort of  his bedroom. maybe stage fright plays a huge role in why he messes up that bad, at the VIP soundcheck it might be worse even.

    You also have to understand that being able to play queen guitar solo's isn't a matter of talent, just practice.It's much more about how you perform it, how you adapt it to the groove of your bandmates and feed of the crowd. That's what make's a performance great IMO, which is also a big reason why I am still a big fan of delonge. Technically he was all over the place, but the band had a much better groove with him on guitar. He can play just an Octave chord a whole chorus but at some nights it just rocks.

    So i don't say, you are better or worse than skiba at performing live. there is just no way for you to prove that unless, well, you get offered his position in blink or you get the chance to perform a song with mark and travis at a soundcheck or something. this is not me making up impossible circumstances. it's just how it is.




    It would be possible to judge your technical ability if your audio wasn't recorded with a walkie talkie though.

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  9. 1 minute ago, Donald Trump's Bulge said:

    Or how about people saying I couldn't do it??? So I proved them wrong.

    I'd say the conditions I faced were actually far worse. So you really shouldn't go down the arena road.

    fair enough, you proved the people saying you wouldn't do a youtube live stream of you playin blink wrong. congrats


    I'm not going down any road. You claim you can do something that you will never be able to prove.

    It's like me claiming : " If i was a billionaire I'd make this world a better place and save the animals". Then i'd post a video of me petting a cat as evidence that I do like animals. I can't meet the real conditions, but I was good to animals, right?


    I don't get the point really, but whatever. I like seeing you thrive when people talk about you. also love the drama, so good job

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  10. 3 minutes ago, Donald Trump's Bulge said:

    LOL setting up conditions I can't meet.

    Also incorrect facts. Not all songs were played to a CD. Did you even watch it?

    well did you play with other musicians?

    Exactly you can't meet the conditions of a arena live performance. so why bother? skiba was talented enough to make it to a band where he plays arenas every night and you don't. end of story


    yeah i skipped through it. had to give up though as you can't hear anything at all...


    just to make this clear, i think skiba is a piss poor choice for blink and doesn't deliver the way he should. I still don't know what this whole livestream thing is about except for you craving the attention

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  11. i still can't believe that anyone thinks playing along to a cd in your bedroom is even in the same ballpark as performing live with other musicians over a huge PA system.

    props to you oliver for following through with this. the only thing this really proved though is that you are a blink fan that still know's how to play the songs he likes and has not nearly as much going on in his life as we wants to make everyone here believe.


    A fun watch though, thanks. i just wish i could hear anything to judge your skill ..

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  12. 39 minutes ago, Donald Trump's Bulge said:

    Only a loser thinks that someone who says they've flown a plane is lying.

    Why would I lie about that? Why would I be called a liar? It doesn't make sense.

    Why would somebody lie about having painted an epiphone dot like a tom delonge signature?

    Ah yes, cause, oliver

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