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  1. Can't say that is incorrect, but that would be just one factor along with the other things I mentioned.
  2. Exactly where I'm getting at.
  3. Yea and I just don't understand why they have to latch on to first date. Like, who really loves that song?
  4. How do you not realize it? You think it's a coincidence that as bands like mcr and the used, who had a darker image and sound became immensely popular that blink all of a sudden matched that sound, style, and image? You don't think them being a huge mainstream act on a major label had anything to do with it? Open your eyes..
  5. Maybe through your denials and bias to the album it's inaccurate
  6. You're right though. I started this thread because the last few tours were basically the same set list over and over. I'm happy to see the changes they've made for this tour with throwing in songs like dysentery Gary and other cuts. Definitely a huge improvement and I can't wait to watch them from the pit tonight!!!
  7. Yea for sure! Probably carousel is an untouchable, but not for the purpose we are talking about. I think you nailed it. Maaaaybe stftk has to be there but that's debatable
  8. Lol one of my old roommates is from Northern California and was a tour guide out in the wilderness when he lived there. Apparently Bigfoot is a huge deal out in California and a lot of people believe in him. He told me a lot of rich doctors and shit take time off to explore for Bigfoot and they will give you every scientific reason, or so they believe, why Bigfoot is real . Lots and lots of stupid people
  9. I know sir, I realize you would enjoy it and are a true fan. Where I disagree is that if they took out a few of their basic singles and replaced them with deeper cuts that people would stop coming to shows. I don't think it would have any affect on attendance. If they stopped playing all their hits then sure, but as long as they play all the small things I'm pretty sure the clones will keep coming lol
  10. I agree 100%. It's not like them not playing first date is going to cause some uproar among casual fans that will spread like wildfire and have people not come to shows anymore. It's more that they are probably comfortable playing those same songs over and over and continue to do so instead of challenging themselves to dust off songs they haven't played in years. That, and I'm sure some songs just suck when they try to perform as they've always used a little extra studio magic
  11. Nope, I totally disagree. They could play whatever set list they want and people will still come. I'm not asking them to stop playing all of their mainstream hits. Take out a few like first date and down, replace with some deeper cuts. That is not going to stop anyone from coming to their next show
  12. Exactly. Why cater to the fair weather fans? They're interchangeable and they'll show up regardless because of the singles or by whatever weird chance they got to the show by. Let them stand like tools when blink plays deeper cuts. Please our long time and true fans, give us shit other than first date that we can get stoked about again!
  13. Do you know two things that I have always been super curious about: 1) date/place of first show that Travis ever filled in for Scott 2) date/venue of Travis playing first time as official member of blink i have watched videos which are clearly what could be Travis's first few shows, but I've never been able to find exactly what his first show was. Would be interesting if you knew!
  14. A to the mothafuckin' MEN. I will never understand why so many blink fans consider this some sort of holy grail of a rock record. Blink decided to tap into the more emoish trends of that time period and produced a darker record. Still their worst album!
  15. It's true. His full name is Thomas Matthew Delonge so he probably went by Matthew as that picture shows. Which is funny because skibas full name is Matthew Thomas Skiba
  16. I don't think the album was 75% doctored. Check out this concert right here, I love this. They sound great and the video is not doctored its shot by an amateur.
  17. Hell yea, I've been searching for this video. I recorded this when it came out, it was actually before they released the video for atst. I had seen what's my age again, but that was all I knew of blink. I fell in love with them from this performance, and I remember liking this sound better than the recorded version
  18. Oh for sure. I am sure the ATRD or whatever it is fans are major DBs if they're acting like that. It's not really mosh pit music anyways, and if a young kid is there you watch out and don't be a dick. I'll be in the pit tomorrow I'll be looking out for all my young folk
  19. You know what's even crazier? Matthew Thomas Skiba.
  20. Noooooo. I'm biased tho, dysentery is one of my top 5 blink songs. Love the other two songs as well, would love them to replace first date and down with those
  21. In all fairness, if you want to watch your favorite band in peace, the pit is not the place to be to do that.
  22. Oh dude I've always been huge into music. my first best friend was a kid in the neighborhood who was 5 years older than me. He introduced my to weird al when I was really young, and that was my first musical love. Then, I fell in love with Hanson. Learned to play drums hitting my parents couch with sticks along to them lol. Had that same friend drive me to flint so we could find the kid rock cd, which he had to buy for me. Then finally I was steered in a better direction when I discovered blink. Now, I love mostly underground music, but back then I was watching mtv downstairs against my parents' wishes lol. Sorry for the novel about my irrelevant life
  23. I know lol. Unfortunately, I was ages 9-12 during that time and living in Michigan, where people my age really hadn't heard of them. I hadn't discovered any underground music at that time yet. Fell in love when I was 13 and saw what's my age again. They saved me from my love of Hanson hahaha
  24. Nice, just curious. Would be interested to see how they behaved before they became huge rock stars
  25. You have a lot of sweet stuff. I know you had interactions with Mark back in the day. I'm just curious, did you ever have any personal interactions with Travis when he first joined the band?
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