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  1. Speak for yourself dude, you'd be the first person I've ever heard of refer to Neighborhoods as "classic" blink.
  2. Excuse me for not analyzing his whole essay. He didn't mention anybody named zack...but he did point out he hated the production..which I assumed he was talking about feldmann. I didn't read to far into the tiny part he mentioned about the mixing. My bad. Is what it is
  3. lol feldmann is 49 years old
  4. How big of a tool are you? Do you not get that I could care less about "failing at a troll"? Are you too stupid to realize that I easily could have played along much longer had I wanted to? I guess you are that's dumb, you did in fact suggest that baby cmon sounds a lot like what's my age again. Again...I don't care about "failing on a troll" with this thread. It was a quick dumb comment not meant to be taken seriously, and I could t give a rats ass whether you thought it was a fail. It's not a fail if I wasn't trying to prove or do anything at all with it. You're an idiot, I'm done responding to you.
  5. It's exactly what you were saying...I'm too lazy to get quotes... And if you want to dispute what you meant..doesn't matter because whatever you were saying made absolute zero sense and was a huge fail. Everyone that read it agreed. You sound dumb
  6. That may be true. However, still not nearly as big of a fail as you trying to say that +44's "baby,c'mon" sounds like "what's my age again" lol or even better yet suggesting wyhsb sounds like classic blink at all. (Insert crying/laughing face emoji here)
  7. I was in complete control of the "fail" and disclosing that I was kidding. Did it on my terms, when I wanted. Could have trolled much longer. But I chose not to so, I guess that's a fail??? Doing what I wanted? Hmm
  8. Nah I don't see the point in arguing, not really interested. I'd rather chill.
  9. Riiighhhhttt...jealous of a TomBot, poet Anderson nerd virgin who is insecure about his own virginity who makes terrible jokes about others being virgins...totally jealous dude.
  10. I'll take that as a compliment, but I'll be 30 on Monday
  11. Sorry I guess I haven't been here long enough to establish that I'm not stupid lol. I was just trolling because when the album came out everyone in here was trying to debate which songs were about Tom. They were using any straw they could grasp at to suggest a song was about Tom. I was just using the "blink is home" analogy to suggest the same. I realize that's not the case...but then again...what if it really was?
  12. Mark has explicitly said that blink is home. "Home is such a lonely place without you" is about blink being lonely without Tom. Mark misses Tom and this song proves it.
  13. Damn I might have got ripped. I paid $300 a piece for two pit tickets at dte. Although that was from stub hub right when tix were released. I bought one for myself and am treating my brother to the other ticket. I don't even care tho, YOLO! Lol
  14. Here is the set list from Chicago on that tour and it seems spot on to my memory...badass set list..m&ms in full..deep cuts from toypaj...when you fucked grandpa...id do anything to go back to that concert man sorry..here is link http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/blink182/2001/tweeter-center-chicago-tinley-park-il-63d07ecf.html
  15. I in fact have a terrible memory but I remember certain points of that night, those were the best days of my life! I remember there were two dates now, can't remember which one I went to. I know the set list is out there though, I remember looking it up somewhere. Side note, I also remember that concert and being excited when they played first date...before it was a single lol
  16. Awesome! And yup...chad from new found glory actually came out and played "give me one good reason" with blink. I had lawn seats then..have seen blink 3 more times since then, this will be my 5th time in August. Although i have pit general admission tickets this time
  17. Excuse me, but I was 15 in 2001 when they first rolled out this fuck sign...saw blink for my first time on that tour...at DTE energy theatre in clarkston,mi..there was a city ordinance against open flames, so we were the only show that didn't get to experience the fuck sign. Although I will be 30 when I see them at the exact same venue this August, my 15 year old self is really hoping that ordinance is gone and that I'll finally get to see the sign in person!
  18. Yea , this video is sweet. Pretty sure the whole concert is on YouTube. They even played dumpweed, but obviously before they recorded it because it is way different.
  19. Atom Willard was there chilling? As in the original drummer for AvA? Lol...looks like he switched sides
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